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Saturday, 08 October 2005



Hi Kirk,

I remember that post and the manju quite well. I was planning a visit to Hilo in a couple of weeks, but I couldn't get the tickets for the flights I wanted. Instead, I'm going to Kona. If I am not too tired, I may still drive to Two Ladies Kitchen for some of theirs.


Hi Reid - Sounds like a nice trip! I used to go to the Big Island quite often, it's a great change of pace from Oahu.

Beth - The Zen Foodist

Those are beautiful little delights! I love the Japanese attention to detail.


Hi Beth - Believe me when I say, when they are fresh, the manju tastes as good as it looks.



The manju looks really outstanding! :D I really like the looks of the flower looking one, but I wouldn't mind eating them all1 ;P


Hi Mills - I heard that the Kyoto style manju was good - the key word in the sentence is "heard"....


kirk, are there many different types of manju? i dont' see a picture of the manju in the picture... isn't it supposed to be sort of baked? like maui style manju?


Hi Annie - What we consider in Hawaii to be manju is not what the Japanese consider manju to be. What is considered to be "mochi" in Hawaii is called by the catch-all definition "manju". So the big white one is Habutai Manju, The Green one with Kinako, is called, what else - Kinako Manju. The multi-colored one is I think called Suama. Even Dorayaki - those pancakes with red bean filling is considered manju.

Here's a little article I found from Wikipedia:


really? ok i just checked out the link, thanks!!

so when we enter the store, is it proper to call the confections mochi or manju? so basically only in hawaii, do we call them mochi?


Hi Annie - I think it's ok to call it whatever you want, and are comfortable with - in this case they'll know what you're talking about.

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