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Sunday, 04 September 2005



Glad I stayed home too. I remember last year in Hawaii watching the Boise game at Side Street Inn. I think we were chanting for 100 too. Was pathetic too when TC got the interception record before the passing record. Auwe. Thats okay, to be the best gotta play the best!

clare eats

I still can't belive your footballers wear all that padding and you have seperate teams for offence and defence crazy!

I haven't had any of those dishes before


I tell you if those people in Oz keep playing football without wearing helmets, someday they'll jambalaya up their brains. There's currently a rumour too that in Oz there's no such thing as soccer mums.


Hi Kyle - I know it was kind of a harsh! Side Street was one of my favorite places back home.

Hi Clare - I'd say the same thing about Football back there! LOL! These are just the routine Sichuan appetizers - really good stuff! If you like chilies, this is the way to go!

Hi RONW - I think for many, someday has already arrived! What are you trying to say about "sock-her" mums?



I am so hungry looking at your pictures....AHHHHH I love spicy snacks, but football, nyah not a fan.


Hi Mills - I use Football as an excuse to eat alot. Ba Ren, where I got all this spicy stuff is our fav!

clare eats

Ron if you mean mums who get overenthusiastic at the matches... I don't think they are that bad here... but my only kid is Kiri.

In AFL how could they make huge Marks if they were tied down with hekmets?

(most Aussies think your guys are wusses ;) ) hehhehheh


Hi Clare - I guess that's why the only Aussies I know playing in the NFL are punters, eh? Actually Matt McBriar is an Aussie who played for Hawaii, now with the Dallas Cowboys....double hehehe!

clare eats

lol :)

hehehe then you will see why they don't wear heavy stuff :)

for a mark you have to catch a long kick which is why they are good punters ;)

rugby league is a whole different story (even though I am from NSW I don't like Ruby league :p)


Hi Clare - Just how long are these player careers????

clare eats

32 is old, but some extra special guys last longer. They get too slow and injured cause they run alot and don't wear padding!
The field is 185 m (give or take abit)
They have 4 20 minute (clock stops for stoppages) quarters which averages to 30 mins a quarter, no time outs etc. Only 3 sub players and the game doesn't stop for them.

They aim for almost constant play.

Average speed the ball travels during an AFL game: 25.5 kmh
Forward speed of play: 13.7 kmh
Average length of play between stoppages: 28 seconds (finals: 21 seconds)
Collisions per quarter: increased from 12 in 1960 to 27 in 2000
Scoring shots per team per quarter: 6.1 (kick through main goals 6 points, kick through outside goals 1 point)
Average team score per quarter: 23.4 points
Body mass index (ratio of weight to height) of average AFL player: 23.5.
Heavier, slower games feature bulkier BMIs; rugby league averages 32, and American football 35

most Afl players are over 6 foot tall

hows that? You can watch highlights on as you are an "international" :)


Hi Clare - I'll check it out! I never knew you were such a stat person!

clare eats

I am a biologist... I love stats :P

not actually that bigger AFL fan.... casey was a victorian(sports mad) so it is learn or suffer when it is on anyway :)


Thats a pretty darn impressive recitation there Clare! Sounds like watching a game your way is more "man" watching than it is here. These days watching American footballers is more like watching a flab fest. Guys raised on white toast, kool-aid, and KFC and then everyone wonders when they drop dead after running a few feet in their first "real" game. Heck, probably the first time they ever actually had to really run!?!! =o(

clare eats

I did have to look those stats up though ;)

no they are athletes that's for sure! Tall and Muscley with no fat :) with very short shorts ;)


Hi Jo - Did ya' like those sichuan peanuts???

Hi Clare - Short, shorts, eh? I think I know why you enjoy watching this sport....

clare eats



Boy, go away for a few days and now I am left to drool over the computer! This looks if only my heartburn will ever go away.


Hey Jack - Was the heartburn from the UH game or just an intolerance of spicy food? BTW, if you want heartburn, I've got a silly post coming up!

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