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Saturday, 03 September 2005


clare eats

I keep trying to find the "fresh tofu" that I know exists in sydney.... grrrr

this looks yummy kirk :)


Hi Clare - If you have Asian Markets, I'm pretty sure that you'll have pretty good tofu, it's just a matter of taste. It's just comfort food for me....



Yeah one of my favourite foods is cold tofu, with kimchi (cooked and cooled, or cooked and hot) on top. Oh that is heaven. I will have to try your version. It looks really good.


Try to find an asian grocery store and look around, or ask some of the customers they might be able to tell you. Jo will tell you that I bother other customers at grocery store and grill them for info!


Hi Mills - It's just tofu, soy sauce, and green onions - and my Mom used to put grated ginger or Gari (red pickled ginger). I'm sure that kim chee tofu is pretty awesome - I like pickled food with tofu.....


Have you tried "baked tofu"? It comes in brown blocks at Ranch 99 (in the red vacuum sealed packs). Its awesome! I snack on it like cheese. Put it in salads and use it in stir fries. Nice, slightly nutty taste, great firm texture.


Hi Mealcentric - Yes, we use it for stir fry dishes - also the smoked tofu, great in stir fries with shishito, red pepper, and celery. delici-yoso!


That is one of my perfect meals...simple, easy to make, and very healthy


Hey Jack - I'm assuming that this was one of your "standards" during the "vegetarian period", as well???


You got it. Hard to imagine going back to that now.


Geez Jack - That would be like me going on the Adkins!!!! What, no rice!

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