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Thursday, 08 September 2005



Ha! Luckily I keep a bottle of Zantac in my car. I'll be ready for a Tommy burger, tamale and fries.


Hey Jack - I hope it's the long-acting kind! BTW, it should be chili-cheese fries - don't let it get cold, they'll be a layer of fat on the top...... :)
Believe it or not I like Tommy's once in a while - it's just that I know alot of people who can't tolerate it...

clare eats

You are such a tease Kirk :P


Ah, Tommy's! I went to college in Santa Barbara, and sometimes my roommates and I would get a wild hair late at night, and make drives down to LA (two hours each way) for a Tommy burger and chili cheese fries. My stomach cringes just remembering it, but boy were they good.


Hi Clare - Moi, a tease??? No way! ;o)

Hi Alan - You know, I never thought you'd be a "Tommy's" kind of guy. Teaches me to stop stereotyping. 2 hours for a Tommy Burger, huh? Well I'd probably do the same for a W&M Burger. I had a friend who came and visited when we lived in LA, we had a Tommy's 3 blocks away - we'd be having Tommy's for "breakfast" every morning! Talk about stomach cringing!

Beth - The Zen Foodist

Lol, Kirk! I am going to have to keep this information away from my husband! :) You are funny. Have a great weekend!

Christine D.

I've only tried Tommy's once (Fountain Valley location) and that was five years ago. It was good but what an artery clotter!

I think i'm ready to try another burger and everyone seems to be talking about it nowadays! Maybe I'll eat it once in a while like you (but perhaps it'll have to be 1 every 5 years!).

[oh yes, the pain i go through to get angelina's lips! hahaha]


Hi Beth - I just thought it was quite a coincidence, that you mentioned greasy burger just the day I took this picture. I'm sure Hubby will have to try it at least once, right?

Hi Christine - I used to have a Tommy burger every now and then when I lived in LA, but I really don't crave it. I look forward to a burger (& lips) report!

kyle of the very first food memories that I have. Every time I'm in the LA area I have to go to the original Rampart location. I think the food tastes better there. Can't wait til they open in Vegas!! Can't beat that combo gambling and chili burgers.


Hi Kyle - Tommy's in Vegas - a double heartburn special, I assume! Tommy's is coming to Henderson in 2006 BTW! And I'm sure the food is probably better at the original location.

Heartburn  Expert

Let me remember when did I first have was probably 4 years ago. So delicious. Can't resist whenever I go towards the location.

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