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Wednesday, 07 September 2005



What's with San Diegan eateries and foil? There's foil with the BBQ you had at Tita's and there's foil on the satay on this post. Then I remember the foil on the Thai salad you had at one food court a while back. FOIL everywhere! ;-)

Is Reynold's based in San Diego? LOL!

(Tongue firmly planted in cheek)


Hi Elmo - I heard they do it for you "Northerners" in OC - they heard you all like "shiny" things.. LOL!!!


LOL!!! Touché! ;-)

clare eats

I like Maesari brand curries better....

Looks like a great spot, I could use some satay right now... mmmm


Hi Clare - OK, I'll try that next time.

clare eats

They have a chilli basil paste that is pretty nice as well :)


Hey Kirk! thank YOU for visiting my blog. Keep up the great work, I wish Walnut Creek wasn't so damn upwardly mobile, then we could have parking lot outdoor bbq stuff too. I miss working in SF. (taco trucks!)


Hi Clare - I'll try that one as well - though I usually make my own!

Hi Penny - Same back at ya'! Walnut Creek is a really nice place to live, though! We sometimes miss living in LA as well...

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