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Tuesday, 06 September 2005



Hey Jack - Any rec's on National City??? Tita's is really good, it's the Missus who loves Pancit Palabok, she enjoys the one from Tita's the best. Da-ing is another story all together!!


I don't get down to NC too often these days, not sure why. We'll go to Tita's and Conching's, but that's about it. Tried the restaurant on Sweetwater (if it's still there) "Ben's 1615" by the driving range. Kind of a fusion, upscale filipino cuisine which didn't quite make it the one time that I was there.


Hey Jack - We have very similiar tastes (as if that's not already apparent) - Conching is a little bit too greasy for me - though we always stop for Ice Cream. I've heard that they have a good buffet upstairs that I hope to try soon. I didn't care much for Valerio's. When we get together with friends we sometimes go to Manila Tokyo, which is a whole chapter to itself. I'll be doing Villa Manila soon. I'll check on "Ben's". Too bad Barrio Fiesta never made it! Thanks....


hey kirk, i LOVE this review -- looking forward to more Pinoy restaurants on your blog. we MIGHT make it to Cali next year so i'm taking lots of notes. what a cute doggy!


Hi Stef - You know we've been going to these places all along, but I've finally got my act together, so will start actually posting on them. And Frankie thanks you for the compliment!


hi, i've been going to tita's for many years now.Their food are REALLY GOOD but it just seem like they raise their price up alot.Before i use to pay $4.99 for a combo plate but now its 5.99 BBQ use to be 2.00 now 2.99..CRAZY huh?
BTW! i've been trying to find out this recipe that they have, it has TOFU with bean sprouts, DOes anyone know what's tht called? or know how to make?..thank!


Hi Lynn - Yes, it seems that prices have gone up at a consistent pace - but it's still enough food for 2 meals, or more. I think the dish you're thinking about is Ginisang Toge???


Yes, Kirk, it does sound like Ginisang Togue/Toge.

Lynn, I like to flavor it with either dried shrimp and/or pork (cubes are better, but ground will do). If using cubed pork, put it into the wok first, with a bit of salt, to draw out the fat and juices. The fat that has been released is now your "oil" -- of course you can skip that and just use regular oil, but it won't be as yummy:D! Then you add your minced garlic, chopped or sliced onions and saute a few minutes until limp/golden. If using dried shrimp, I'd soak it first then pound it to bits before adding to the onion-garlic saute. Add cubed tofu (you can also use pre-fried) and the bean sprouts. and toss over high heat. From that point it really should take but a few minutes because you don't want the bean sprouts overcooked. You can season to taste with salt or fish sauce (pepper optional). HTH!


Hi Stef - Thanks so much for "coming through" as you always do!


I'm Filipino and my wife is Mexican but loves Filipino cuisine. What
she doesn't like, as well as myself, is being treated like a piece of
scum off the street. No greeting, no hello, NOTHING!!!

Being somewhat unfamiliar with some of the items available she was inquiring about the types of meat that was available. She was answered with very short, smug answers, uninformative nose pointing - VERY CONDESCENDING to say the least.

If you like being treated like a second class citizen, scum
of the earth or a low-life but like Filipino food - TITA's is for you!!!

Just as a reminder to the owner(s) and employees of this "fine"
establishment - you're conducting business is the U.S. not the
Philippines. The people of the Philippines would be apalled if they witnessed such poor hospitality.


Randomly came across this blog.

I went back home to San Diego last month (Dec 2007). Last time I had Tita's was probably when I was a kid in the early 90's (I still remember when Family Loompia relocated to Galleria from that dumpy old location on Rio Drive!!)

Anyway was in the area so decided to drop in. Food is still great, had the Pancit Bihon which had good flavor and the BBQ that the blogger was raving about... BBQ definitely good, still not better than my dad's ;)

However I gotta say that the restaurant itself has gotten pretty gross, disappointing as it used be a really nice and clean back in the day. Chairs are dilapadated as they can be, tables weren't wiped. It was raining when I went, and instead of a rug they had put out cardboard boxes to protect the floor.

Point is take-out is probably a safe bet, but if you plan on eating in be prepared to hold your breath.


Hi Kirk,

I have to agree with you... and with RP. There's great food at Tita's, but it's no place to enjoy a meal. Also, I appreciated your tip about getting there early, for best selection as well as for food that hasn't dried out yet.


Hi RP - I don't believe I've ever "eaten in" at Tita's, it is still probably the one of the best "bang for the buck" turo-turo joints around.....for good is really hard to beat Mom's or Dad's food....since that was the flavor you were weaned on.

Hi Omar - Actually, if you know what to order - the Pancit Palabok, and other stuff is made fresh. Most of these turo-turo joints are designed for take-out. It is NOT great food, but you get your money's worth, it is all relative. I think the service and atmosphere at Tita's is borderline terrible, but not any worse than, say, Southern Style Chicken......


This is an awesome website, you are so funny, I love your humor.
Now you made me really hungry!!


Hi Lyn - Welcome and thanks so much for the kind words....I'm glad you enjoy our posts.


"Let me start by saying that I'm Filipino and my wife is Hispanic and we both enjoy Filipino food. We've eaten at Tita's several times in the past and just had to bear with being treated like second class citizens. A few months back my wife went in by herself and was immediately given the "stare down" by the staff, none of which gave any form of greeting when she entered. They just stared as if she was about to rob the place. Just for the record, she didn't. My wife went in again today and to her surprise, but not mine, the hospitality was even worse! Again, no form of greeting, no acknowledgment of her presence and of course the "stare down". She was treated with such rudeness and condescendence that she contemplated leaving. The person serving the precooked food just stood there, complete with blank stare and a slight touch of animosity towards my wife. In the employee's defense, she may not have spoken English or she may have been physically or mentally challenged.

Then there was the girl at the register. Keep in mind, my wife at this point is trying to give her money! Money for "Soup Nazi" service! Not a word from her! No eye contact! Just that blank stare. At most restaurants, cashiers will at least tell you the amount you owe as a courtesy, even at the worst truck stop diners, trust me I know.

At this point I'm not sure if we should blame ourselves for giving this place a second chance or blame the substandard management and staff. I'm always amazed and perplexed that a restaurant that serves good food does not capitalize on it, especially in today's economic climate. They act as if the world would end if they didn't serve their food. I honestly think Tita's is in for a slap in the face from reality...hopefully soon."

freda fernandez

This was my first time to come to this restaurant because my friend who usually comes here and recommended me to come here. My first impression was that the service was awful because I encountered one of the server who commented a very bad comment in tagalog. The server thought that I did not understand because I grew up here in the state and because I did not converse with in tagalog, he assumed that I did not understand his comment. If I had to give a stars for this restaurant it would be a negative 10. I would never come back and the people are very discourteous and impolite. I would never recommend anyone to come to this place ever.......

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