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Thursday, 15 September 2005


clare eats

Those prices are good, the food looks ok, better than the other day anyway!


The food sure looks good out here in the desert. I gotta keep from drooling on the keyboard.


Hi Clare - This was definitely better! :) The prices are actually in line with LA prices, the food is very much "homestyle".

Hi Ed - Good to "hear" from you. This place was interesting - I'm kicking myself for frogetting to order the Larb. The prices are great!


We went to a Viet shop with the kids. It was a disaster for us because our kids wouldn't eat because they were so busy playing with the shop kids! Then they whined about be hungry all the way home. My reply? To bad, so sad. Pepper had a great dinner! ::wink::

By the by Kirk, can I get your recipe for miso soup? I've got the miso sitting in the fridge, but I keep forgetting to ask you for the recipe. Would it go well with the meat jun tonight?


Hi Kirk,

We don't have any Laotian restaurants here per se, but there is a place that serves a few Laotian dishes, so maybe that counts. The food there is quite good. You should try it when you come home to visit.

I normally like to eat at small out of the way shops. The food is normally sorry it didn't really work out this time.


Hi Jo - Since I don't have it with me - I emailed you a basic "outline" for miso soup - both if you're making dashi, or if you're using Hondashi.

Hi Reid - I wouldn't say the food was bad, it was like eating in someone's home. I'd just say that there was a lack of balance in the dishes, except for the Yum Nua.


Got the recipe... just need a printer =o( I'll be trying the Dashi. I have the bonito flakes & the seaweed just for that purpose. The miso isn't literally white, (can't think of the name) but a light, slightly rusty tan.


Hi Jo - It should be fine - sounds like Shiro Miso to me.

Beth - The Zen Foodist

I think you must be a very busy (and happy!) man, Kirk, to have so many great culinary adventures each week. I'm jealous! :)


Hi Beth - LOL! You'd be surprised at how little time this does take, but it's a joy to do anyway. And you're right good or bad, it's always an adventure!


Mmm...I love going to family owned places. And how I love shrimps. Pictures look great! You find such great food finds...sometimes I wonder...what is your day job??? And am I in the wrong profession? LOL! Fried rice is one of my faves....mmm! ;)


Hi Kristy - You wouldn't want to take a pay cut like that, right?? LOL! It's really hit and miss with these places - though I to love Family type businesses, they really do need our business and support.


looks good!! great pictures as usual!! i'm tempted to check it out tonight depending on how close logan heights is. gotta look it up! =)


Hi Annie - Remember they close at 8pm - also I'd advise you to go during daylight.

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