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Thursday, 01 September 2005



Hi Mills - Yes, sometimes you just have to try and see.


thanks for sharing kirk! yanagi sushi is actually one of my favorite sushi places in hawaii -- so i'm psyched that sam cut his teeth at yanagi! thanks for teaching him how to make poke too! ;)

someone asked earlier about the price of an omakase -- that's a good question -- i was wondering the same thing myself too. you estimated around 30 bucks for omakase without drinks? is that for one person or two?

i really want to try out this place now!!!

btw, sammy's poke meets your thumb of approval right?


Hi Annie - Sammy's doesn't do Omakase, per se, what I'm saying is omakase is in the way I'll order - "Sashimi Omakase" means that it's up to Sam to pick whatever he thinks I'll like - Omakase means Chef's choice, not a set menu. For example a small combo sashimi and assorted nigiri costs maybe about $30-40....maybe enough for 2. Best thing is to drop by, get to know Sam, and he'll get to know you and what you like, etc, etc.... Some of the prices:
Rainbow Roll $9.95
Sashimi + Cal Roll $9.95
Soft Shell Crab Roll $9.95 - etc...I really don't eat rolls, so this is from what I remember.


Great little find there Kirk. I have yet to find a good neighborhood place that I would frequent often.


Hey Jack - Yes, it's a pretty nice and affordable little place. Not outstanding, but good!

J Berman

hi thanks for the great site. I'm a ny chowhound type who moved here last year! let me know when you are doing any more gatherings. Just saw Sammy's as we exited from the Korean BBQ place you recommended that's next door. Nice bacon there on the bbq menu.. Cheers JB BTW what is that dish that looks like sashimi but has the carrots as part of it??


Hi J Berman - Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate it! I'm thinking that you're looking at the sashimi w/ponzu - those aren't carrots but yama gobo - pickled burdock! I'll definitely let you know if I set-up a Chowhound get together. Sammy's is a good neighborhood place - if you want really top notch stuff I'd recommend Sakura:

But by all means try Sammy's - I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Rick Drake

What about the Sochu??? You forgot the Sochu Kirk! Great job Kirk! Sammy didnt even know you had this up. His main concern when I told him about it was how he looked in the picture!
I have to agree, what a great, friendly neighborhood sushi bar with fantastic customers & staff! Not the fanciest place in town but one of the best places to have good food & company any night of the week. It’s the "Cheers" of all Sushi bars in San Diego! Two thumbs up for the friendly staff, food & atmosphere! Sammys #13 is a favorite & if your not on a diet try Sammys Tempera Philly Roll. He's always willing to make anything you can come up with as well! Ask for a shot of Sochu with a sqeeze of lemon to get in the party mode! Sammys never turns down the chance to have one with new & old customers!


Oh My, Rick - I'm trying not to think about the Sochu, after all I never quite remember drinking sochu, if you get what I mean! Tell Sam not too worry about how he looks, after all, he's pretty hopeless! See you at Sammy's soon!


Aloha Kirk,

Just wanted to add if you like good sushi, theres a good place in the Hanalei Hotel on hotel circle called Islands Sushi, have you ever been there? There are some cool braddah over there that do it up pretty well. We tend to go there every other Thursday and thy hook us up pretty good. If you've never been I woul suggest a trip down there when you get a chance. Aloha!


Hi Kalani - Mahalo for visiting, and taking time out to comment! We've had Sunday brunch at Islands twice and really enjoy the service, the Kona Coffee, and we think some of the best smoke salmon. I'll make an effort to try the Sushi. I don't know why, but I've always thought that Islands Sushi Bar was more of a fancy rolls kind of place.


I love Sammy and his Sushi!! I've eaten the ConCOCKtion he calls the one night stand now 2 or 3 times and it is awesome regardless of it's shape!!!


Hi Paul - Thanks for commenting! Yes, Sam is a pretty funny Guy. He does a great job, and I enjoy the "vibe" at Sammy's.


This looks great.
I'm going to have to go, dragging my friends along.

Have you tried the California Surfside in P.B.? It's my favorite place for sushi. Ask for Aki-san. He'll do you right.

Also Sushi Ohta is a great place. Right next to 7-11 across from Rubio's on Mission.


Hi Didi - Haven't been to Surfside yet. Ota, is very good, though you need to make sure Ota-San serves you, it is also 3-4 times the price of Sammy's. For that amount of money, I'd rather have Sakura. Sammy's is just a neighborhood joint. If you enjoy that atmosphere, you'll like Sammy's.


Hey Kirk,

Just moved here from Hawaii and was lucky enough to find your page! My wife and I can't wait to try some of the places you reviewed especially Sammy's! Much mahalos and keep on writing!!


Hi Derek - Welcome, and let me know how you enjoy San Diego!


I came by via Chowhound and some googling. Can't wait until 8 of my friends and myself take over half of Sammy's space close to the New Year (06 - > 07). I love some great neighborhood sushi. Don't worry, we'll arrive early or late so the locals have a good chance of getting in ;) (Don't you hate those big tables that take all night at your local secret spot?)

If you're up around the San Francisco South Bay, stop by Sushi Tomi in Mountain View on Dana. From one sushi hound to another, that's the place to go for great fish with neighborhood atmosphere and walk out with some of your wallet. They do killer tempura and grilled jawbones, too.



i have been following your blog and has been extremely helpful in picking out places to eat. We just ate at Sammy's and it was an utter disspointment in price and the quantity. The quality was ok, but they give soooooooo little! The fish on the rice was thin and barely covering the rice instead of being slothered over the rice. did you have that kind of experience there?


Hi Taegello - I'm sorry you had a terrible experience at Sammy's. As you can tell by my posts, I usually have pretty good experiences there. It is a neighborhood joint so sometimes the quality can vary...but I've always had decent to very good sushi there. BTW, who made your sushi, and what did you have? Was it Sam or His assitant Akira? I think Sam's prices are very reasonable for the quality of fish served.

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