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Thursday, 01 September 2005



it was made by a korean guy who also spoke full japanese.

sorry, not to bag on that place because i really do enjoy all the other restaurants that you have reccomended in your blog. there is a place called yum yum fish in san francisco that is extremely cheap, great quality fish and large portion, so I guess i was just used to that. in general, no problem.

do you know who makes the best donkatsu in san diego?


Hi Taegello - Sam is Korean, though is fluent in Japanese, and spent time in Japan, so it must have been him. I don't think you're "bagging" it's your opinion. I can understand you point of reference, our favorite reasonably priced(the words cheap, and sushi, nor large portions and sushi - because ratios matter - check out Urasawa, not the biggest portion of fish on rice you've seen, really aren't phrases I use) sushi bar is in Little Tokyo, called Komasa, I'd never compare anything in San Diego(nor SF) to it....simply because you can't. Sammy's is not Shirahama or Ota, but is about 30% cheaper, and for me the one thing I have done at Sammy's is over the years I've developed a relationship with the Itamae, something that is really hard to do nowadays - in other words I don't even order, he knows what I like, and that I'm willing to pay, there are also items I can get at Sammy's like Live Uni and really great oysters, that cost an arm and a leg at other places. As to your question, do you mean Tonkatsu, or Katsudon? For Katsudon, I usually end up making my own, though Kayaba does fine, same with Tonkatsu, at most places in San Diego it's a thin sliced, dry cutlet, Kayaba is fairly good, but be aware that there are two versions available the Tenderloin, and the "Rosu"(pork loin), for some reason, I enjoyed the Tenderloin more.

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