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Thursday, 01 September 2005



Oh man, oh man, oh man! THAT IS AWESOME! And you taught him how to make POKE!? Props to you!! I'm glad you shared this secret, eventhough I know it must have been a little hard to do it!

There's a neighborhood joint here in Tustin that kinda fits the same vein, called Tommy Sushi. Although it seems more mainstream, it's one of my favorites. Because of Pam's post, I almost went there last night for a poke bowl and deep fried shrimp sidetracked and ended up at home eating frozen Healthy Choice...need to go soon...or I'm going to go crazy especially now that both you and Pam are posting about sushi!


Hi Elmo - Sashimi to Healthy Choice?? That's a pretty serious drop-off, there! It's really great to have a nice Neighborhood "hang-out", especially if it's Sushi & sashimi. Never really found one in all my years in LA.


I love it! The pictures are awesome too! Man, I know what you mean ~ having a special sushi place all to yourself. LOL! Down in Gardena, my family and I went to Sushi Island this past weekend which was pretty good! YUM!

But alas...I have yet to build that truly special relationship with a sushi chef...partly because my wallet won't let me and partly because I like to eat at different sushi places depending on my mood. I'm a mood eating sushi addict. LOL!


That assorted sashimi plate looks so good. And those deep fried crispy fish bones. Da best!!! That with beer. Can't go wrong. You had to teach an Aiea boy how to make poke. Shame on him. Looks like he did a good job.


Hi Kristy - A mood sushi eater, eh? That's not a bad thing to be. Sashimi & sushi seemed to be just the cure for the recent hot weather!

Hi Lance - Thanks for stopping by and taking some time to comment!Maybe I should've kept the poke thing to myself...But Sam does make a pretty good version now(even for an Aiea boy...) - no ogo though - too hard to get.

clare eats

I had sushi and tempura last night! so goood :)

This place looks fantastic! I wish we hada place like this, the japanese place I would like to be my regular is too popular and is v.noisy and packed with loooooong waits so sad :(


Places like this make an average meal, great, and a great meal, well--unforgettable . Thanks for sharing your secret, no doubt it was a tough decision. I am still in search of my local haunt...


Hi Clare - Well this place can get a bit crowded and loud & when that I usually try to get there a bit on the early side.

Hi Mealcentric - You've hit it on the head! Not to be too cliche'd, but it's nice to have somewhere, where everybody knows your name...

clare eats

ha ha ha u cliche'd Kirk? NEVER! ha ha ha ha :P

hmmm how about 7pm (no one eats at 7 here) tuesday... line out the door... grrrrrr esp when casey wont wait :(


Hi Clare - Haven't seen a post on this place - does it mean you haven't made it past the door? I usually see Sam at 530pm, when he opens - also let's me get good start with a Sapporo or two, or an Otokoyama. The crowds here start coming in right about sunset - which is a little after 7pm - by that time I'm either gone or have staked my claim out at the bar or am probably chatting with some of the other regulars.

clare eats

haven't been since I started my blog more like :P
this one time at my birthday .... ha ha ha
we had booked a table, my little sister went in (tall, skinny wearing industrial/goth clothing) asked for our table... the waiter/owner? pushed her out of the restaurant saying "no booking for you!"
If you say thanks (when they serve you) you get terrible serivce, if you look down at them they treat you like royalty. crazy huh?

so you can see the food is great and good value :)

No one in sydeny with a good job is home at 7 pm ;)


Hi Clare - That's terrible, I'll never understand why restaurants act that way. We had our share of places in LA, where if you had manners they treated you terrible, but if you went in with an arrogant attitude you got good service! I guess the food there must be outstanding, right? Though I wouldn't go back to a place like that no matter how good the food is!

clare eats

But you haven't seen there $30 deals ;)
little taste pickle thing *2
agedashi tofu *2
chicken teraki
green tea
sashimi plate
sushi plate
greentea ice cream

that is enough for 2!
and really good quality *sigh*


Well - is it "the only show in town"? Bad service is really sad! It's part of the whole experience! Hey, I'll come there and teach them a lesson!!!!!

clare eats

no, not the only show in town but the best bang for buck by far.... :(
pity cause otherwise we would be there all the time


Hi Clare - Well that sucks.....


Those pictures look beautiful. Sammy Sushi is one of my friends favorite restaurants. How much would it cost for omakase?



I feel your pain. I am mentally flogging them right now! Take that and This and That and Another one for the road!! I hate it when restaurants behave this way. It makes me so mad.


I haven't made a neighborhood sushi place since I lived in Japan. *sigh* One my pocketbook won't let me, and I haven't found a place yet. I am jealous though Kirk, because arealtionship like that is awesome!


Hi Howie - Well there's no "omakase" per se'. I use it in the "I leave it up to Sushi Chef" sort of way. There are items that are pretty much always good - the Hamachi, Kaki. I'll just "ask Sam". As for price, it's alot cheaper if you don't drink. I think you'll be able to get out under $30 - sashimi costs about $12-18, poke is about $10 (it's made with sashimi grade maguro). Some of the rolls can be expensive - I don't eat them. The salmon skin salad is also good. Tell Sam I sent you and he'll take care of you!

Hi Mills - I just lucked out and found a good neighborhood place. I guess it can be expensive - but I know people who eat at Sam's 2-4 times a week. It's the booze that adds up.



I agree usually it is the booze, but I don't drink much. Hmmm I will have to just investigate around here.

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