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Thursday, 22 September 2005



Hi Mills - Hope you find some soon!

Hi Scott - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I thought it was pretty darn funny too.

Green Turtle

Good news, it looks like Golden City's grand-opening is set for 9/26 (Monday) so I expect to see your review up here by Tue ;). The location is at SE corner of the intersection of Clairemont Mesa Blvd & Kearny Villa Rd.


Hi Green Turtle - You know I passed by this morning and saw the sign as well! You just may have a review on Tues!!! LOL!


hehe your little sam woo story made me giggle. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now off Clare's blog links and would like to say that I really enjoy your reviews. I really learnt alot about food other than those I have been used to or have been able to obtain. And reading your reviews of food I have grown up with (mostly chinese/hong-kong/malaysian/south-east asian)shows me that you know ALOT about what your eating and what goes in it :) thus I can safely absorb about salvadoran, mexican, and other unknown cuisines and learn more about them ! Thanks kirk!
btw I think msg might cause the swelling.


Hi Rachel - Thank you for stopping by and taking the time out to comment! I've really learned alot by doing this blog - it's made me pay attention to what I'm eating. Most of the food I ate while growing up in Hawaii was Asian influenced(Japanese/Cantonese/Filipino/Korean) - but I really don't know much about Malaysian and Singaporean Food. Living in Los Angeles for several years brought me into contact with a much broader range of Chinese and Vietnamese Food. I've also learned so much from reading other blogs as well. I had thought that perhaps the reaction was to MSG, but I've eaten alot of food that I know had msg in it, but haven't had a reaction, so maybe it's quantity or a combination? I love the picture of your dog, BTW!


I love this post...and the review of Sam Woo's was pretty good too! It's been quite awhile since I've been here. Not sure why, just off the rotation. Looks good though. I will never look at "Sam Woo the killer whale" the same again.


Hey Jack - Some of the reasons why we don't go to Sam Woo, are the parking and crowds....


Here's another "Sam Woo" song moment - it's a cover of Mariah Carey's "Without you" that people are referring to now as "Ken Lee"!


Hi Ed - My favorite part is at the end, when they ask her what language the song is in, and she says English! ;o)

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