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Thursday, 22 September 2005



That is such a funny story! LOL. I've got a similar one about a misheard song lyric, but yours tops it.

BTW, I still think it's cool how you condensed all your recent experiences at Sam Woo into one post...just like you've done so well with the other restaurants.


LOL. Great story. From now on I'm calling him Sam Woo the Killer Whale, too.

I didn't realize they had a breakfast menu--that's good to know. I'm ordering that jook next time I go.


Hi Elmo - Yes, we do have some really funny conversations. Maybe I should have called this Sam Woo - Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Hi Angie - We really didn't know about the breakfast menu until recently either - they also have roast duck jook for $2.95 as well.


"Also, a strange thing happened after eating this; my hands and feet started to swell - not a good sign."-- Did you ever find out why?


Hi Mealcentric - I'm pretty sure it was something in the broth, I've had it happen before - usually in very "salty" food - I really don't want to say it's MSG, because I've eaten alot of food with MSG, but it does happen sometimes with (mostly) Chinese food.



Wow the dishes look really good, and I have agree with the Missus I really like jook/congee a little loose. The price is really good for all that food. I am jealous! :D

ROFLOL That conversation with your wife was a riot. It reminds me of some the the conversations DH and I have. *wipes away tears* Except that my vision of SamWoo the Killer whale was a little different. I was thinking what does Sam Woo the director have to do with Sea World, then I realized it was john Woo the director. oops. The picture in my head wen something along this line. Shamu dressed in black buisiness suit with double barrel guns going off like the John Woo movie the Killers (die xua shuang xiang 1989). Ahh well LOL it was a nice laugh.


OMG Mills - Unbelievable! I can see it now, John Woo's latest HK Heroic Bloodshed Film - "A Fatter Tomorrow" - starring Shamu, completely filmed at Sam Woo BBQ. After Shamu dies a herioc, bloody, noble death, everyone has dinner! But of course he'll rise again in A Fatter Tomrrow II & III. LOL!


I think the LAST line of the story was the best... "And that's why I love Her so......" THAT made me cry! You guys and and your silly wail tails! ;o)


Nice report. Did you ever tried the other restaurant at Ranch 99, on the other side. It's name is 168.


Hi Jo - And it's all true.....

Hi Honkman - Thanks for taking time to visit and commenting. Yes, we have gone to 168, it's Taiwanese food - but we noticed on our last visit that it seems the menu had changed - alot more Taiwanese style sichuan dishes, and such. The last time we visited we had the a Taiwanese Egg dish, a potage, and of course Cho (smelly) Tofu....I think we'll be visiting again soon. I enjoy your posts to EGullet and Chowhound BTW!



LOL *wipes away tears* Oh you are killing me! "a Fatter Tomorrow" Now thats a whale of a tale! LOL


Hi Mills - So you've seen A Better Tomorrow, right? I didn't know and took a chance - BTW, I love the "Fried Rice" scene from ABT well as the end, where C-Y-F goes "We're all dying, can we leave now???"


Hi Kirk,

Sounds like the food here was quite good and by reading through the post, it seems like the price was right too.

Too bad we don't have really affordable Chinese food like that here. I think most times, if you want a large bowl of jook, you'll probably pay at least $4. Pei dan jook is probably my favorite.

As far as the swelling is concerned, that happens to me too. Most often at Chinese restaurants. The swelling is usually accompanied by a massive headache that doesn't go away for hours.

clare eats

Those clams look GREAT!!!

Casey as a kid thought that slow combustion stoves were not named after the way they burned but instead their inventor... Slocum Bustion HA HA HA HA :)


Hi Reid - Yeah Sam Woo is priced "right", I almost forgot that there aren't Sam Woo's all over the place, just in mostly SoCal, Vegas, and I went to one in Toronto. You should see the prices in LA, because competition is so fierce it keeps prices down!
I've had the headache happen to me too, I sometimes even get when I eat "chicken strips" from a well known chain - and I have to take a nap to make it go away!

Hi Clare - That's really cute. In school we had one of the other students write his name as "Ben Dover" whenever we had sub teachers! The clams were excellent for 5 bucks, but would have not been so great if they were priced at say....$12!


OMG Kirk, that is the cutest story EVER!

Sam Woo is one of my fave Chinese greasy spoons...where else can you get tasty food for two (plus leftovers usually) for under $10??? So much cheaper (and tastier) than fast food! Try their salt & pepper's pretty damn good!


Laughed loudly out loud. And brought back Sam Woo memories


Hi Pam - I like that description! I'll try the S&P Squid, I had the Pork Chop version once and didn't care for it much, so I crossed all the S&P stuff off my list - but I'll try those!

Hi Ed - Glad I could provide a chuckle or two for you. But nothing beats the delici-yoso dance!



Yes I have seen A better tomorrow! I have to agree I did loved the fried rice scene scene! Thanks for reminding me! It has been awhile since I have seen the movies.

I have to go looking for a good priced chinese meal around here! Argh I am so jealous! *wipes drool off the keyboard* ;P


Hilarious! Absolutely hiiiii-laar-iiioous!

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