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Monday, 12 September 2005


clare eats

That is the sorriest, blandest looking pad kee mao ever! wow!

Isn't it supposed to have a bit of sweet soy in it anyway?


Hi Kirk,

Sorry you had such a disappointing meal. If I had eaten food like that I would definitely not go back either.

BTW...I had to make mention that you're an eating machine. You seem to come up with something different every day. I don't know how you do it...and multiple times too. I'm in awe buddy!


Hi Clare - You've hit it right on the nose. This used to be one of regular stops when we lived in the area. How disappointing!

Hi Reid - Oh well, I don't think I'll be coming back. Funny thing, I' ve lost a few pounds since doing this food blogging - isn't that funny! I pay alot more attention to what I eat, and end up eating less. I've got a bit of a backlog, so that keeps me afloat (no pun intended)! I'll keep chugging along.....


Ahhh, the Boat. I've been there a few times in the past myself. It was one of my friends favorites. But alas, I never liked it much. I had a dish of fried Hainan Chicken there once that was bad - only the crispy parts were edible, and I remember it being really greasy. Another time, I tried pad thai and another dish...and it wasn't good either. Seemed like it had it's heyday, but it's been on a downhill slide for the past five years. There's another one of these faux-Thai places on Colima and Fullerton called Banana Bay (or the one that came before that), the food is not exactly Thai, and not exactly good.

As for New Capital, I've only been to the one in Rosemead and I found it excellent. But my parents have been to the new one in Rowland Heights and they raved about it. I'll have to try it myself one of these days. The one in Rosemead had a price war going with its competitors a few years ago and offered a special where all lobster dishes were $99/lb. The catch was you had to buy at least a 3 pounder, and anything over 2 pounds you had to pay the market price. So the dish we had of salt and pepper deep fried lobster ended being something like $10-15 (which was a good price)...AND DELICI-YOSO by the way!


BTW, I meant $0.99/lb, not $99/lb.

That decimal point makes a little bit of a difference!


That pad mee koa looked pathetic, though the papaya salad looked pretty legit with the dried shrimp and all.

I got word of Capital Seafood from a friend whose parents live around there. Still havent ventured over there to eat, but from the way you describe the line, I may be planning a trip in the near future.


It's always sad when one of your old favorites takes a turn for the worse.

Kirk, you really get around! You're eating your way all through SoCal :) Impressive!

I believe that Rowland Heights (or maybe it's Hacienda Hts.) has a hot pot restaurant that my family and I used to go to a lot. It was called Kingswood Inn I think. I remember that they had really excellent fried rice.


Hi Elmo - Thanks for the info, man that's a cheap (second price, not the first!!!) lobster dish! I've seen Banana Bay - when we lived in Rowland Heights it was a Korean BBQ Buffet, I don't quite remember the name. Also the strip mall behind Banana Bay has been prettied-up alot. We used to do our laundry there, boy, things sure have changed!

Hi Mealcentric - The Papaya Salad was fine - the Pad Kee Mao will prevent me from visiting in the future. Sounds like there's a possible Elmo/Mealcentric "double-team" in New Capitol Seafood's future!

Hi Howie - Had to drive up to Industry to pick something up and thought I'd make the best of it. The only Kingswood Inn I vaguely remember was on Gale????


Actually, there's "New Capital Seafood" and then there "Capital Seafood". The former is a traditional Chinese Seafood the tradition of NBC and Ocean Star...except cheaper. The latter is a Vietnamese/Chinese joint akin to Newport Seafood (also in Rowland Heights). Both "New Capital" and "Capital" are worth trying. I go to "Capital Seafood" more often because their lunch specials are UNBEATABLE and comes with a Che dessert at the end (also a rockin' spicy Hot and Sour Soup at the beginning). "Capital" can be found in the 99 Ranch Plaza at Nogales, next to the Japanese Sushi Place that seems to change names every year.

Here's "Capital Seafood's" website:

Man...I need to go back to try both again soon...(so a double team *IS* imminent!) seriously lacking that kind of food in O.C. eventhough there is a branch of Capital Seafood in Westminster.


Hi Elmo - those prices make me sick.... :o) We used to go to MPV when it was next to TS Emporium and had stuff like Jellyfish and Duck lunch specials for like $3.95... If there's one thing I miss about LA, it's that the competition sure makes for good prices and food!


Yea Kirk, you would be PERFECT for "Grocery Cart"...


oh my! that pad kee mao looks sickly! someone call a doctor!


Hi Jo - Grocery Cart...what a concept - LOL!!!

Hi Pam - Can you recommend someone who would fix an anemic Pad Kee Mao??? Pretty pale, eh?


Fix for the Pad Kee Mao? How about KiKo man? ::falls to the floor laughing about her dumb pun::


Hi Jo - Yoso-pun-ny!!! Actually, that was the solution I gave the Missus for the leftovers, or was it Ya-Ma-Sa? LOL!


::snicker:: Yep, I hear ya!!

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