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Wednesday, 14 September 2005



No way would I forget the dipping sauce! I've learned that much for certain. I need to go shopping...


Hi Mills - Sounds like a "post in the making"....hint, hint. :o)

Hi Jo - Didn't think you would....


Well, the meat jun got turned Euro style and I used the gravy from the chicken adobo I made last night instead of dipping sauce. I think Pepper is part Korean/Phillipino. I made rice and spinach for sides. I fed him leftovers from the plates tonight plus some additional rice and a couple peices of chicken from last night... HE POLISHED THE BOWL! He's NEVER done that!


Hi Jo - If I remember Pepper loved carbs and salty food....remember that the family that found him originally was feeding him pizza - which he really loved - crust and all! BTW, all Dogs love Adobo - Sammy can attest to that!


WEEELLLL... I hate to say this, but he sure don't eat pizza up here. Of course he's given more options that just pizza. Maybe that has something to do with it?


Hi Jo - Well I'm not surprised - I'm sure he gets great variety, he's probably living it up!


::laughing:: Yep, he's living it up all right! Tonight he gets a prime rib bone. His porterhouse bone is nearly gone! POOR baby!


I love your site! Found it when I was searching got a stinky tofu place. I've been to Marukai but think it stinks that they charge you membership, and their food court isn't that great. A much better Japanese market is Mitsua, off Bristol by SouthCoast Plaza. Their food court is MUCH bigger-although if you go to a Japanese market, I suggest only ordering the Japanese cuisine. For Hawaiian food, have you tried L&L's? Maybe they have that meat thing you were looking for. Their BBQ is much tastier.

Thanks for the entertaining site!


Hi Audrey - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Marukai for me is important because they stock alot of the stuff from Hawaii - and I don't think that 10 bucks a year is to bad especially since their prices are pretty low. Never been to Mitsuwa in OC, but have been to the locations in Little Tokyo and Torrance. If you like Japanese food items, Nijiya is everywhere as well. Thanks for the recommendations!


I have found Meat Jun (Chen Ya) at two places on the mainland.

In Boulder, Colorado:

Korea House
2750 Glenwood Dr # 4
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 449-1657

The best Meat Jun aside from Kim Chee III on Oahu.

In Beaverton, Oregon:
They serve it as a special once in a while. Very good.


Thanks for all the wonderful meat jun info!! I too am and ex-pat kama'aina living on the mainland. My mouth has been watering the whole time I've been reading this!

My husband loves meat jun and we've been unable to find it anywhere on this side of the Pacific. Recently, I've started looking for recipes online to try my hand at making it. (Actually, I promised to make it as soon as he filed the taxes... how's that for incentive!) So, thanks for sharing the recipe, but do you mind posting the recipe for the dipping sauce as well? We'd appreciate it!

I love your blog and will continue to enjoy your food posts. I'm so glad I stumbled across it while searching for the elusive mainland meat jun! I was so excited for you when I saw the photo of the sign - sorry it ended up being such a let down.


Funny article. I came across it when I googled "best meat jun". And I agree, that meat jun is a Hawaii thing cause when my family from the East and West coast come to Hawaii, they always get meat jun cause they said the mainland Korean places never heard of it. Kim Chee II wasn't included in this best meat jun blind taste test (, but if it was, maybe it would've been the best. Young's Kalbee was first place out of 9 meat juns. Thanks for the laughs.


Hi Akemi - I'm so sorry I missed your comment! I hope you've found a good recipe for Meat Jun....I'll try to make it in the future, ok?

Hi Fergusson - I'd take any decent Meat Jun....even almost decent meat jun, it's been so long! I'm glad we were able to provide some humor...and mahalo for visiting!


they sell beef palai at:

It is meat jun. Korean lady from Kailua Kona owns it...


Hi ERik - Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out when I'm in the area..... I do hope it's more than your standard issue Hawaiian BBQ! ;o)


Glad to have found your post on meat jun! Just today, my coworker (another ex-pat) and I were lamenting how we haven't found meat jun here in the bay area. Must be mostly a Hawaii thing. Going to try one to make it at home - do you think rib eye works best? Do you recommend any other cuts of meat?

p.s. Thank you for linking to my blog! :)


Hi Sherry - My pleasure, I really enjoy your blog, keep up th great work. I think sliced rib eye is probably the easiest to get, if you have a Korean Market nearby they probably have several different cuts (8up/10up, etc) of rib eye. I was told that you can use tenderloin and sirloin as well.

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