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Wednesday, 14 September 2005



I always wondered about meat jun being a Hawaii thing. I never saw it on the menus up here in Seattle. BTW, Kim Chee II has the best meat jun in the islands. Funny you should mention meat jun. I have my meat marinating and will try to cook it for the first time. Hopefully it doesnt come out burnt like yours.

clare eats

This was a great funny post Kirk :)
So sorry for you that their meat jun sucked! Any chance it was a fluke?

Why didn't you take it back?


Too bad about the meat jun. I too have never seen it here in the mainland. Very cool that they have a "hawaiian" section.

Do you know of any store that sells local kine stuff closer to Temecula? I've got a cousin who just moved there who has never lived here on the mainland. I know the family is feeling very homesick.


Too bad about the meat jun. I too have never seen it here in the mainland. Very cool that they have a "hawaiian" section. I almost placed an order at Catalina Offshore ( for some tuna. Seeing that ogo makes me wish I did.

Do you know of any store that sells local kine stuff closer to Temecula? I've got a cousin who just moved there who has never lived here on the mainland. I know the family is feeling very homesick and would probably love seeing familiar things on the shelves.


Hi Kyle - You're right, I think it is a Hawaii thing! Agree on Kim Chee II - of course I'm a Kaimuki/Kapahulu Boy, so why wouldn't I? Hope your Meat Jun turns out well.

Hi Clare - Well I had already had lunch, and really didn't look at the food until I got home. But the Boyz sure enjoyed it!

Hey Jack - The only thing I know is that there's an L&L in Temecula (of course!) - but let me check and I'll let you know. Otherwise it's about 70 miles each way to Marukai Costa Mesa.


What is a "meat jun"? Is it like country fried steak? I could imagine it would be very tough if not done right.


I've got some "skinny" meat on hand. I just might have to try the meat jun...


Hi Elmo - Not even close. Maybe this link from Reid's site will help you:

It's in PDF format. Basically, the meat is marinated in sort of a Korean teriyaki-ish marinade (thus tenderizes), coated in an egg-batter and fried. The only time I miss this, is when someone mentions it to me, so of course I'm dying right now! I have a couple of recipes for this somewhere.....

Hi Jo - I'l like to know how it turns out!! Don't forget the dipping sauce.


I learned something new today! Thanks!


Hi Elmo - Here's a recipe I have - I don't remember where I got it from, so if you want to try:

Meat Jun

2 lbs. Thin Sliced Rib Eye or any other meat that you desire
1 c. Yamasa/Aloha shoyu
1 c. sugar
3 Tbs. sesame oil
1 Tbs. Vegetable or Canola oil
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 Tbs. green onion, sliced
1 Tbs. roasted sesame seed, crushed
1 tsp. chili pepper powder, optional
2 c. flour (put in a bowl)
6 eggs (mix the eggs in a separate bowl)
oil for frying

Combine shoyu and sugar, mix well. Then add the rest of the ingredients except for the flour and eggs.
Mix well. Marinate the meat in a bowl, overnight if possible or massage the meat for 5-10 minutes - don't break up the slices.
Coat each piece of meat in the flour then dip it into the egg. Cover the bottom of the fry pan with
oil and fry on medium to medium low heat until golden brown. You will need to add oil after each batch
is cooked. Drain on paper towels.

Grace Park

I'm Korean, so I've had "meat jun" before.. In fact my mother used to make it frequently and it was even on sale in local Korean grocery stores. But it's a different meat jun than you describe here.


Yea Elmo, check out my website for "Chicken Fried vs Country Fried". Kirk, the reason I have "skinny" meat on hand is because I had Mills and DH over for dinner a couple nights ago. We had Country fried, special mashed potatoes, and fried cabbage. My kind of comfort food!


Hi Grace - Thanks for commenting and the info, I'm sorry that I don't know where your "local" is....I've been to most of the Korean Markets around Rowland Heights - and to all in San Diego - but I haven't seen anything that looks remotely similiar - other than the "pancakes".....pajun.

Hi Jo - So, since you have "skinny meat" are you going to try this???? I'm sure Pepper would love it! :)


Hi Kirk,

Sorry about the meat jun and the person following you around the store...sheesh! Anyway, a friend of mine told me that they would never "waste" meat in Korea by cooking it this way. How true it is, I really couldn't tell you. Like the photo in the article, the best meat jun is when the beef is pounded really thin and the egg just separates from the meat. The egg should be crisp and not soggy.

*sigh* I should have eaten meat jun for dinner.


Arrgh Reid - Your description of perfect meat jun just drives me nuts!!! As for the person following me, I thought that was kind of funny at first, but when it got pretty persistent, it made me a bit, what am I gonna do with a little camera????


I had a similar experience in Italy. I was taking pictures inside a rest stop restaurant/coffee shop (Autogrill) when a security guard came over to me and demanded I give him the film from my camera. Since it was digital he was satisfied when I erased the photos, but geez, what's the big deal? I understand proprietary secrets but it's not like you are stealing the recipe for their secret sauce. What are you going to do, open a restaurant that looks exactly like theirs?


Hi Crazysalad - I know it's a bit strange isn't it. The Security Guard never told me a word, just followed me around, talking into his "radio", it was more weird than unnerving....In your position I might've been more afraid!


Yep, I'm gonna do this today in fact. I'll set the meat to marinate after I do da blog ting!

Worst part, my printer is fritzed and I need to tear it down and take it back to Costco =o( Every year, same thing, new printer... I just hope I can get another 4 in 1. The fax and copy capabilities are really useful. Doesn't do envelopes worth a darn but then none of the "home" size ones that force the paper into a u-turn do.


Hi Jo - Don't forget the dipping sauce! I Email'd the recipe to you.



Hmmm I know th type of meat jun you art talking about but my family also did one similar to the one Kirk and Reid are talking about too. Although as I said for very special events. Hmmm wondering if my family is just different and wastful ;P :). Now my Korean grandmother had never gone to America before, and had made these. Taught to her by her mother and mother in law (also never been to America). Although she said it was for ancestral rights only, at that time. Hmmmm. Strange! Oh well I wish I could ask her!*sigh*

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