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Saturday, 10 September 2005



You know it! Huh Kirk?!?! I wish we were there with you man. We coulda had a blast. Sounds like Missus has consumptive powers similar to Mills Mom. The woman can suck a crab down to nothing more than a few grams of powdered calcium faster than you imagine. ::sigh:: Good memories...


Hi Jo - The first thought that crossed my mind was - Jo & Mills, we'd never leave!!! LOL! The Missus loves crab, though not King Crab - she says it doesn't have any flavor. She ate these shell and all, with vinegar - I'm sure we'll make it to the Maryland shore one day.....scary thought!


OH MY! I want to cry! I have to visit you! LOL I would never leave! LOL WOW...:D I wish I could give you recommendations for the pajon mix, but alas I cannot. :( I am sure though everything will work out for the best. I have not heard anything bad about specific brands.


Yeah my mother is crab cracking munching fiend! LOL Although it sounds like your Missus is right up there!


Hi Mills - Well this is in LA, so about 120 miles North of Me - I'll be visiting it soon. We'll be doing the File Fish soon. Actually Sam - from Sammy's made some up the other night as well - it was real he did it in te toaster oven, delici-yoso!!!

clare eats

what about me? :P
That place looks GREAT! everythhing over there seems to be HUGE!


Hi Clare - I haven't forgotten about you! :o) It's just that I have firsthand experience watching Jo and Mills in action!

clare eats

What so you are a countriest now? Is it my fault I live on another continent? Fine.....:(


Clare - Huh????

clare eats

well you forget all about me.. and exclude me case I dont live in the USA and hence can't go shopping with you :( (:P)

Beth - The Zen Foodist

LOL at the idea of your wife as an "omnipotent deity." I think my husband considers me one of those, but he just have the words quite like you do! :)


hey kirk, is that soft shell crab??


Hi Clare - Well, you just have to come on over!!!! LOL!!! And I've never forgotten about you!

Hi Beth - Well Beth, I just need to have priorities in line, if you know what I mean!

Hi Annie - No, I don't think so. They had ones that weren't cooked - just shelled and cleaned. Looked just like Blue Crab to me. BTW, the price for this can't be beat - something like $4.99/lb!



I am so glad you enjoyed the file tiles! I love them, and one year I sent 25 lbs of it back from korea. *Sigh* :D


Hey Kirk,

What are those jujubes? I saw those at K-town's California Market today wasn't sure what they were.


Ooo...Walnut, eh? My partner's from Walnut so the next time we visit the parents, I'll have to try and check this out! :)


Hi Mills - 25 lbs!!!! Man the postage must've killed you!

Hi Pam - They are also called Chinese Dates - and you'll find them dried in alot of places. They can be very tart and sweet. Try not to buy them too old and wrinkled - I look for a nice texture. You should also be able to find them right now in the "major" Farmer's Markets (Torrance, Hollywood, Santa Monica) - I found some at Hong Kong Market in West Covina - but they were really old. These weren't great, but ok - and the price is about half what they usually are!

Hi Kristy - Actually it's in Diamond Bar, but it's on Golden Springs right by the entrance to the 60 East - you can't miss it. That little restaurant on the East Side of the Market was doing awesome business!


Hi Kirk,

Looks like a lot more selection than we get here at Palama. What are the jujubes used for?


Hi Reid - They're juust like any fruit, you wash them and eat them. My Wife is the one who loves them. I once bought some for my MIL when she was visiting, and she said they brought back memories of Her time during the Cultural Revolution in China.


Clare, Clare, you just have to come over hare... ummm, here! ;o) I have a hunch that if you joined the Mills/Jo team, Kirk would be completely outclassed! If you guys all come to North Carolina and we added Dee to the mix, well, lets just say that Reid could make millions if he followed along and turned it into a TV reality show! Mills, whaddya think? Could Kirk handle Dee?


OH, for Annie, soft shell crabs are crabs that have JUST shed their shells. On the east coast the only variety served (as far as I know) are the blue point crabs. I've never heard of any other variety of crab being served "soft shell".

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