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Wednesday, 28 September 2005



I really like your blog. You have a great way to discribe all your experiences with different restaurant that I just want to visit them the next day. Couldn't have written this one better.


Thanks for sharing that kirk :)Love your photos. Gyros a fave of mine. I had them often on a plate with just salad and meats when I was on a lo-carb diet ... worked pretty well !


Well, that and falafel... extra tahini sauce please... ::happy sigh::

clare eats

we call gyros doner kebabs here... and they are often called post copious amounts of alchol food ;) Because then you don't know if the upset stomach is from the food or the alchol ;)


Hi Honkman - Thank you for the compliment - just sort of the way I felt yesterday....

Hi Rachel - Gyros and Beef Souvlaki have become fav's of mine since I moved to the Mainland - I don't know why, but they just taste better here on the Mainland.

Hi Jo - And yes, maybe a Falafel, or two, or three - but don't know how that would go with a lo-carb diet. :)

Hi Clare - That's really funny! "Doner Kabobs", eh....


pfft to the low carb diets! =oP It's all about proper balance, Yin/Yang, energy intake/energy output, etc...


Hi Jo - Don't make that noise to Pepper - you know what his response would be.... And yes, it's all about balance - Yin/Yang, Laurel/Hardy, Abbott/Costello, Skipper/Gilligan???


Gyros... yum! I like Chicken Shwarma... mmm... mmm... oishiisou!!!


Hey Kirk,

You explained it perfectly! Sometimes you do need comfort food and while it may not be exceptional or made with top notch ingredients it satisfies you in a way that a top notch restaurant just couldn't do.
Oh man, now I'm craving a loco moco after reading your post below! :)


Hi Kristy - Hai oishi!!!!

Hi Kathy - Thanks so much for the compliment. I think you should get a loco - I've obviously already had my share!


I work at Mission Hills Bikes across the street from Med. Cafe. I LOVE THIS PLACE! mmm so good. Of course i usually order the Giros, fries, and sometimes a felaffal, but what you should give a try the next time you eat here are their sandwhiches. I've had Ibis sandwhiches, and many others around hillcrest and mission hills, but their fresh made sandwhiches can't be beat! pretty strange for a med. place but ask for a toasted bun and you'll love it! and btw, the guys there are very nice and the authentic med. music makes me enjoy sitting there waiting for my food. i enjoy your blogs a lot, thanks for your cherity!

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