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Monday, 26 September 2005



Hi Kirk,

If you go back, please tell them to cut the noodles into squares....


Are these noodles fresh then fried, dried boiled then fried, or dried & fried? Are they skillet fried or deep fried? I think I might take a shot at this dish. Especially if you can give me a hint or two about how to make the gravy.


Hi Reid - Then you think it'll be cake noodle? If so, I might bring my own scissors! :)

Hi Jo - A typical Chinese Brown sauce is made by stir frying whatever ingredients - quick marinated pork, chicken, etc - usually in wine, soy sauce. Stir fry with garlic, ginger, veggies, etc...than adding soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and soup stock - bring to a boil and adding a well mixed cornstarch/arrowroot mixture to thicken...

clare eats

mmmm salt and pepper shrimp!!! LOVE LOVE!! The onion/chilli stuff is def compulsory!!


mmmm salt and pepper shrimp with a double shot of garlic !!! I'm excited !!!


I love that dish you call "cake noodle". 'Course, I only know it by the name I often see it at Viet restaurants: Crispy Chow Mein. Still, it's so satisfying to chomp down on crunchy/crispy fried noodle after it gets soaked a little in that gravy!


Clare & Rachel - Calm down Women, you're getting much too excited!!! Though it was delici-yoso....

Hi Elmo - OK, i've got to find those Viet restaurants you're talking about - I've had crispy chow mein at one or two that wasn't crispy...BTW, there was someone on the Chowhound LA Board looking for "Cake Noodle"...


Kirk - Actually, I had the Crispy Chow Mein dish at Phuong Trang on Convoy. It was pretty good, I thought - just needed a little more flavor (MSG?).

I took a photo of it for this post:


Hi elmo - Thanks, though I've eaten there many, many, times I never thought of ordering it!


Sorry but shrimp w/ lobster sauce has always scared me. I always thought it looks like--uh, never mind. The salt & pepper shrimp looked hella good though!


The pepper salted shrimp looks so good, but they need more of the "sauce" on the side!

The crispy noodles I have heard them called Hong Kong styled now was it chow mein or stor fried noodles. Oh well it has been ages since I have ordered it.


stor = Stir



Kirk - Reading my post on Phuong Trang again has jogged my memory. It seemed that I didn't care for the Crispy Chow Mein as much as I had thought. Now I recall that the noodles weren't as crispy as others that I've had in the past.


Hi Pam - Do you mean Re-gurg-i-tate??? I also have an aversion to the use of frozen pea's and carrots in a dish - but for $4.75, I'm ok with it!

Hi Mills - Who knows? Chow Mein on the West Coast is Lo Mein on the East Coast, is god knows what here! I'm sure that there's an expert somewhere, on Regional American Chinese Cuisine....

Hi Elmo - I'll probably try them anyways! Thanks!


Kirk - Cake Noodles???? Not quite. Looks more like crisy chow mein. Or fresh noodles that was deep frier and it instantly puffed up. Too much space between the noodles and the layer is to thin to be cake noodles. Sam See Mein over Cake Noodles or Oyster Sauce Chicken over Cake Noodles with all the gravy. The best. The flavor of the cake noodle mixed with the gravy makes all the right flavor. Maybe cake noodles is a "behind the scene" dish there. What if you ask for a dish over cake noodle? You think that might do it? Or they'd give you a funny look? I always do that here. Haven't gotten a "no" yet.


Hi Lance - If you ask for cake noodles you get blank stares here and in LA, and if you describe it you'll get fried thick lo-mein, I end up making my own, but sometimes you just don't want the hassle - Golden Chopstick version of this dish is more "cake-like" but the sauce is not as good. If you read one of the last lines - I said not really as well...


Those fried shrimp look good. Though that much garlic and chilis on anything deep fried cannot be half bad.

Though, as far as the shrimp w/Lobster sauce, I personally dont care for that thick gloopy sauce. Especially, as you keenly noted, when it begins to congeal. Food shoulnt congeal. They should kick back on the corn starch says I!!


Hi Mealcentric - Couldn't agree with you more on the Shrimp w/Lobster sauce. BTW, you shoulda seen that Little Lady eating her shrimp with a whole bowl of garlic on the side, amazing!


Kirk - You got me craving for cake noodles and also, wondering if cake noodles was a "local" thing like saimin noodles. When I ordered my favorite sam see mien cake noodles, the restraurant owner sat down by me and told me (since it isn't on the menu) "you sure know what to order!". So I asked him if cake noodles was a local thing. He said, "no, it's just that majority of the locals love cake noodles that's why you'll find it in a lot of chinese restraurants, except in Waikiki where there's a lot of tourist. I asked if it could find it in China. He said yes. I mentioned that you couldn't find it in the mainland. He said it's because not much people in the mainland like or know about cake noodles. He mentioned that a lot of local people in Hawaii love it because it goes really well with the sauce of the dish. Make sense, the gravy over noodles. He also, said that a lot of cooks in the mainland wouldn't spend the time to cook cake noodles if asked and would say too much trouble to make. Now, I know. Hopefully you'll be able to find a chinese restraurant that's willing to make cake noodles.


Hi Lance - Thanks for the info, and the Detective Work! I'll keep trying, and I'll do a post on the one at Golden Chopstick - it looks alot like cake noodles - tightly packed and cut into squares! Thanks again.

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