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Saturday, 17 September 2005


clare eats

Sadly I don't think any of these products make it too Oz... *sigh*


Hi Kirk,

Isn't it amazing when you can find this stuff so far from home? Well, not that far, but far enough.

I love Diamond Bakery saloon pilots. I can eat the whole box in a couple of weeks! I like it with butter and a bit of guava jam...


It's good to know a local source for the Hawaiian salt. I've never cooked with it before, but have always been curious as to how it compares to other sea salts. I remember the use of exotic salts in fancy restaurants being a big craze a few years ago--think it started with Thomas Keller at the French Laundry.

Is that a 16 oz. bag in your photo? If so, that price doesn't seem so high--I found some online going for as much as $28.00 per pound!

Also, I love the name Saloon Pilot.


Hi Clare - How can I get them to you - will this stuff pass any agri-checks? I'll be glad to send you some!

Hi Reid - I like mine with peanut butter and guava jelly. Pretty funny, huh? Alot of these things are right under our noses here in San Diego.

Hi Angie - Yes, the Alaea is a 16oz package. I really would recommend you trying it. It's my secret weapon for poke and steaks! BTW, I love your site:
Great to have another San Diego Food Blog!



Man you have everything over there. Although I will have to post on Hawaiian related things very soon! :D


Hi Mills - Well not everything. I still have to drive to Marukai for many things, but it's really nice to have at least some of these items nearby.


Oooh, guava jelly. I just discovered I have a guava bush in my backyard and it's loaded with fruit. Now I know what I can do with them...


Hi Angie - Well I'm sure I'll read about it soon. Guava Jelly - delici-yoso!!!!


Now if we can only get some ogo down here....


Hey Jack - One of my "local friends" swears by the Ogo at 99 Ranch market - but it looks really bad purple - I'm thinking it'll smell like iodine and am not brave enough to try/waste. Same dude like his poke "aged" a few days.....go figure!

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