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Wednesday, 21 September 2005



Hi Kirk,

Seems like a little too much to pay for something that's just "bleh".


Kirk-damn if those pictures dont make me drool. Nothing like a freshly baked bun and some meat to make a good meal. Too bad it seems like La Torta's food doesnt seem to taste as good as it looks (judging by your review). But hey, as always you gave them several shots to nail it before you wrote about this place.

clare eats

Yep we defn don't get them in Oz boy,

mmmm hungry... wouldn't mind one...


Hi Reid - I guess it depends - a sandwich and chips from Subway will set you back about the same, and I'll take this any day. But I could have 2 pupusas and a great tamale for this price - I'll take the pupusas or even a bowl of pho'. BTW, if I recall the when we first moved to SD, these sandwiches were like about 5 bucks or so.

Hi Mealcentric - You probably think I'm a glutton for punishment, huh? I had eaten here before but not in several years and didn't remember the food. After that first sandwich I thought that there was some potential there. For that last meal we had a $6 off coupon, so that was worth it!

Hi Clare - Don't think you're missing much in this case! You know after looking at the photo's I'm thinking "how many half sandwich pictures can one look at?" I probably should have been a bit more creative.


The picture of the round fries make me drool, eventhough they weren't anything special. Too bad, the pics looked good though!

Green Turtle

I think I'll stick to the mom & pop taco shops that sell tortas for $3-$4 (but without the home fries, which my waistline would appreciate anyways).


Those definately look rather iffy Kirk. Certainly not the value of a banh mi. Which Mike happens to love all of a sudden! In my opinion, bollios are best, fresh from the bakery and dipped in the yolk of a basted medium egg cooked in EVOO. Quite the perfect combo there if you ask me!


Hi Mills - Can you say carbs????

Hi Green Turtle - Some of those Mom & Pop places make good Torta's - though alot of them put a ton of refried beans on the Torta - until the bolillo is soggy and mushy...

Hi Jo - I could eat my hand between some good fresh bolillo's



Yeah it is a carb bomb, but good fries are so worth it. *looks at hips* Well maybe not. LOL Now I have the urge to eat a torta, but I just finished lunch, and it was really good. :)


You've got me hankerin' for tortas now. I've never had one--it's always been on my "must try" list, and now that pupusas are out the way...

Hmm, good idea for a future post!

P.S. Those round home fries really do look good--too bad they didn't taste that good!


Hi Mills - Need a dessert torta, do you?

Hi Pam - Oh my, you live in SoCal and haven't had a Torta? I hope you get a good one! The fries were pretty good at first, but deteriorated quickly into a soggy state.


My dad used to make the best fried potatoes ever. He would peel either russetts or white rose (I'll have to investigate to tell you for certain which). Then they would be cut into 1.5" (approx) cubes and put into a colander, squeeze juice of 1 lemon over and toss well to coat, sprinkle liberally with salt. Allow to drain 15 to 30 minutes. Peel & cut onion into similar sized pieces. Heat olive oil in deep heavy pot to about 250 - 300 (yea, it's on the cool side). When oil is hot, gently pour in potatoes & onion. Allow to "boil" gently until desired level of brown. The lemon & onion really make these scrumdillyicious!


Hi Jo - Sounds delish!!!


Oh my, is it ever! This was the "de rigur" side Daddy made with pot pies. Small wonder I love pot pies huh?


Hi Jo - And so does Pepper!!!!


Somehow that doesn't surprise me! I don't think he'll be getting one anytime soon though. We are trying to empty out our freezer so that we can sell it. We are having a pina colada/blackberry sochu party tomorrow night to get rid of the sochu and lighten up the rum bottle! ;o)

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