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Saturday, 24 September 2005



Hi Kirk,

Interesting selection of chocolates. Thanks for sharing the link. I do like chocolates from time to time, but I think it would take me months to finish a box like that one. These remind me of Richart or perhaps Recchiuti chocolates. Are they as good?


oh my...
oh my my my...

clare eats

WOW!!! They look sooooooooooo goood!!!!!!!!! Since I know your Missus is just like me :) I KNOW she will love them *grin*

BTW your it!!!! I tagged you for the 23/5 MEME

*clare looks around innocently*



Jin is tops on my list of places to visit next time I'm in LA. I never even thought about mail ordering. Leaving to check out website now...


Darn, Kirk....what on earth....where on earth....are we all unfortunately to be somewhere else missing out on the treat? I remember though seeing something on a food network about a company that crafted those kinds of candies. Maybe it was the same company. Yeah, and your initial photo of the still unopened box, nicely done.


You lucky dog, an extra 5 peices of premo chocolate-Gratis! I'm usually not big on sweets, but even I can appreciate it when it looks so artistic.


Aww kirk, those chocolates are bee-yoo-ti-ful!

And now, thanks to you and Kristy, I'm gonna send a bunch o' hints Isaac's way. Mua-hahahahahaha!!!!


Hi Reid - I really am not a "sweets" person - as you can probably tell by the lack of dessert/pastry posts. So I don't know how they compare - they are very rich, but not sweet, and have a real depth of flavor, slightly sweet, a touch of bitter, etc... I think that the addition of flavoring gives each one a it's own personality. BTW, this box will last the Missus several weeks, or more - she usually will just have a small bite after dinner.

Hi Jo - LOL! Very inetersting flavors, huh?

Hi Clare - I'm glad this meets your approval! It does, doesn't it? I guess both you a Reid have tagged me for the 23/5 so now I have to do it, right?

Hi Angie - From what I read on Best of LA, it's a really neat place to visit. It's also on our list as well!

Hi RONW - I took some time to read the info on Kristy Choo who creates these fabulous desserts on the website - so fascinating.

Hi Mealcentric - I'm not a sweets person either, and I had only one small bite, the flavor is really subtle and interesting. We were both a little afraid of eating something so beautiful.

Hi Pam - Enough with the hints - it's time for Gnome murder amends, isn't it? LOL!



I am so jealous! Gee I have been saying that for thast two or three posts?! Oh they looks so good, and so very well crafted. The flavours seem so wonderful. *sigh*


Hi Mills - These really do deserve a wow!

clare eats

um still not sure about the chocolate, they look ok. But I think you might to send me a box so I know for sure ;)


Hi Clare - You know what, I'm not quite sure about these chocolates as well - I think I need to go and grab another bit - "crunch"! Yep, it's still good! LOL!


Wow, these look incredible. Looks like a great gift place, thanks.


Hey Jack - Thse are almost too pretty to eat...almost!


I've been wanting to go to Jin ever since Perceptor posted his photo report on Chowhound. But dang, I didn't realize I don't have to drive up there to get a box of their fine chocolates! Will have to use this tip soon!


Hi Elmo - Make sure you check out the shipping prices before you order.......But these chocolates (the Missus had the Lavender this afternoon..) are great!


Wow! Those are some of the prettiest chocolates I've ever seen! Do they taste as good as they look?

By the way, if you're looking for local chocolates, have you tried Chuao Chocolatier? They have stores in Encinitas and UTC Mall. These guys are the real deal. The chocolates are not as pretty as Jin, but they are fantastic. They have lots of creative flavors, like green tea, chevre, strawberry balsamic. I just took a truffle-making class from them and had a great time.


Shoot! I've been in MI this whole time and just got back into town. Haven't read your review until tonight. Mmmm....

I'm so glad that you and the Missus enjoyed them as much as me and the Mister. ;)


Hi Howie - I've heard many good things about Chuao on Chowhound, and have it on my list! I'm gonig soon to get gifts and stuff! Truffle making class? Maybe you need to start blogging!

Hi Kristy - I can't begin to thank you enough for your post! But thanks again anyway!


I would particularly love to try the lavendar. Have you ever heard of Pete's Wicked Ale? He sold out to one of the big companies and started a chocolate business. I tried to sell him on some of my ideas a few years back. Chocolate covered gouda & candied orange peel was one. There were a couple cheeses, and I can't remember the other combos. I still like a good buttery cheese with chocolate...

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