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Thursday, 29 September 2005




You are so lucky to have an Asian film festival! Tell us which movies you went to see, and what you thought of them. :D

clare eats

That's better Kirk, it's just cause we care ;)


Glad you hear you had a night on the town ! yes! do let us know how the festival went. btw have you seen the spoof music video floating around the web of 50 cents "candy shop" ? Its really funny. An asian guy does a rap on the "bakery shop" and sings about char siew bau.


Hi Mills - Yes, we are lucky to have this, it's always a great event. This year Joan Chen and Jason Scott Lee among others are set to attend. I'll kind of try and do a "Food & Flick" thing.

Hi Clare - Just cause I know you worry so much. Though I'm a bit to sleep at 1am and back up and at work at 4am...

Hi Rachel - No I haven't - need to check it out! They have a whole 1hr Music Video presentation at the Festival as well.

clare eats

ICK! That's terrible, all the more reason to eat your veggies :)


oooo Film Festival! So far, the best Asian films for me all have socio/polital themes. "Raise the Red Lantern" was the last Asian film I got to see. Do they have Asian snacks as well? Or just the usual American fare?

I loved what you said about all us "common taters" ::laughing:: By the way, the LocoMoco dinner was done. Sorry, we didn't like the combination. Individually, great! Well, except for the burger that tasted "off". Can I blame that on you? =o) The gravy was outstanding. After thinking about it overnight, I think a touch of oyster sauce or perhaps soy sauce would have also been a good addition.

I wonder if you could sucessfully put beef gravy over baklava and make millions... hmmm... ::wanders off, deep in thought::


You know I think that's the first time I've actually seen a photo of salad on your blog! ;-P

Bound to happen sooner or later.

Come to think of it, I think the closest thing to photo of a salad on my blog is a noodle salad.



I'm also thrilled to see a salad (no, two salads) on your blog! LOL!

Glad you posted about the Asian Film Festival. I'm heading out of town for the weekend, but now that the festival has expanded to a whole week, I'll be able to catch a few films when I return.


Hi Clare - I'm ok now, I had my monthly salad ;o)

Hi Jo - You can't blame the left over won ton meat/bacon added burger on me, uh-uh. Forget the oyster sauce - just a good ol' burger.....

Hi Elmo - So I guess my Green Papaya SALAD, didn't count, huh? I'd count your Noodle Salad, after all it called "salad" right?

Hi Angie - Yes, not one, but two salads, in one meal no less! Hope you enjoy your trip!


ummm menchi katsu...

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