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Sunday, 18 September 2005



Hi Mills - Actually we're leaving to grab some right now! I'll have a pork tamale just for you! :oP



Oh! That is so cool! Hmmm Pork tamale (does a great impression of Homer Simpson drooling over donuts.)


Hi Mills - It was delici-yoso!!! Pork tamale wrapped in banana leaf....


The green plastic "banana" leaves could be saved, sewn, and used as "black mulch" in the garden!


Hi Jo - Or sewed together to form a mini hula skirt!



I was going to type that same thing. Or you can sew a whole bunch of them together and go as sushi for Halloween...


hmmm... I think I invision Mike in a hula skirt... for sushi, would only need 1 leaf... =oO ::laughing::


Jo & Mills - I'm not going to go there!!!


::laughing:: gee Kirk, why not? ;o)
On a serious note, I need to find a place that is comparable to check out. I love the flavor that the leaves impart to the steamed rice dumplings of Asian cuisine. I'm interested to see how it translates into the masa.


Hi Jo - I know that you and Mills were going to get tamale-making lessons! I'm pretty sure that 99 Ranch Market - or almost any Filipino Market will carry frozen banana leaf - so you may want to give it a try!


::sigh:: seems like the tamale lessons are not going to happen at this point in time...


Hi Kirk, Just an update. Went by there between jobs today for dinner. They removed all the loud video games and repainted the inside...looks quite nice. As for the outside, still an ugly building. As for the food...always really good!


Hi Jim - Thanks for the update. It was still there the last time I visited a few weeks ago. Good to know you can have a meal in peace(or as close to peace as you can get).

Ronald Hernandez

you have to try the salvadorian joint in the los Angeles rigion. they are the best ,true salvadorian people.


at this pizza place you can get the pest salvadorean food PUPUSAS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!


If you liked this place.... you'll fall in love with Los Chorros in LA, right off the 405, on Century Blvd.

I live in San Diego but man the food up there, is so worth the drive.

The ensalada, is beyond compare!

ok looks like I'm having Salvadorean for lunch! lol


Hi Naomi - thanks for the recommendation....I'll make sure to add it to my "list".


tempted to try this based on review and on the fact it would delivered to our office!!

Maria Bello

Do they have any nicaraguan-ish food there besides that cole slaw behind the chips and salsa? Like fried cheese and gallo pinto, carne asada.. maybe..hopefully?!? I'm from miami, living in san diego. I don't miss cuban food that much because im cuban american and know how to cook it at home, but nicaraguan food is different, not like mexican food, and seemingly hard to find here!


Hi Maria - Other than the Salvadoran standards they have a Mexican menu with the usual suspects.They do have Sopa de Pato and some similar dishes on weekends. I'm not sure if folks eat pacaya (palm flower) in Nicaragua (they do in Guatemala/Honduras/El Salvador) but they also have that.

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