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Monday, 05 September 2005



Have you been to Saffron yet in Hillcrest? It is one of my favorite thai places in san diego, with true home style thai food-- I usually order the Drunken Noodles or any of the curry specials-- I miss it so much now that I live in LA! It's pretty cheap too!!!!

clare eats

food looks ok
fried rice looks nice :)



You're right, for noodles you wouldn't expect prices to be so high, especially outside of downtown/La Jolla/Del Mar.

Where exactly on Clairemont Mesa is this place? Is it across the street from Buga?


This all sounds delicious. I can totally relate to having a "Reverse Atkins" moment. Actually I think that pretty much describes my whole life!


I've seen some "higher prices" restaurants do well inspite of their competitors selling the same things cheaper. The net profit margin is probably only a dollar per dish in a restaurant, so tacking on a dollar more for the same menu item means the restaurant needs only half the customers and the total night's receipts to yield the equivalent profit. Restaurants make more on a soda than on a single dish. If you order an alcohol beverage, that's a premium for the restaurant.


Hi Tracina - When I used to do a traveling "gig" here I went to Saffron quite often - the Take-out Chicken Saffron - I've never really thought it to be very good, though. When the Restaurant opened next door I went once and didn't think much of it. I do however enjoy Su Mei-Yu's Cookbook, and I promised Milgwimper that I'd try it again - who knows, maybe I'll love it!

Hi Clare - I think you've stated it perfectly. Anything with rice, is very, very nice! LOL!

Hi Crazysalad - It is located in the strip mall opposite Buga. There's a place there I'm going to soon, called Sipz, it's a vegetarian restaurant - it was hopping when we walked pass.

Hi Beth - The food was ok. Each dish seemed to be missing a key component, the beef salad - the sour, the Pad Thai - salty, the fried rice - Basil. And yes, ain't no way that I could totally remove rice from my diet. You have a nice site BTW!

Hi RONW - Having worked in Restaurants, you're right - the mark-up on liquid refreshment is tremendous - also there is less competition in San Diego, thus higher prices.


Having lived extensively in Thailand, I am really pleased with the food here.


Hi Sam - Thanks for visiting and commenting. Having not lived extensively in Thailand, nor traveled there, I can truly say I thought the food here was okay, as compared to many Thai Restaurants I've eaten in LA, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, Honolulu, San Francisco, etc. Of course I've heard similar comments of Ex-Pat Thai, or people who've traveled or lived in Thailand say the same about just about every Thai Restaurant in San Diego. So I really don't really know what to think, I just go by my preferences. I sure do wish that the "Basil Fried Rice" had more then 2 basil leaves in it.

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