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Sunday, 25 September 2005



I remember some friends in a club had a meeting at Da Kine's once. I already ate something so I just got a drink when I met them there, but the food interested me enough to go back there.
Not only do I agree with Kirk's assessment, I also got a nasty upset stomach from the place. I think it was the eggs on the burger, they were a bit undercooked. Ergh.
Funny story: When our group had a meeting there, after it was over we were just hanging out and talking in a group when out of nowhere this old security guard walks up to us and starts questoning us like we were up to something! Sorry buddy, last time I checked UCSD didn't have an Al Quaeda chapter. Anyone else come across this ol' coot harassing people near Da Kine's?


Hi James - Did you happen to have a loco moco? The eggs are supposed to be either sunny side up or easy over on them, and when you eat them the yolk runs over everything. Aren't there alot of raw or undercooked egg dishes in Japan? LOL! I think security mostly leaves me alone cause I'm just a little older Asian Guy - we can't possibly do any harm, right? :o) BTW, I've always thought the parking attendants in the underground lot to be super nice.

The Office Goat

Just a FYI, my wife spotted a new(?) DaKine's in Mira Mesa. It's a couple doors down from where the old Farrells was (in the southeast corner of the Target shopping center) at Mira Mesa Blvd and Camino Ruiz. Yep, right across Mira Mesa Blvd from L&L.


Hi ToG - Hope you don't mind the monnicker. I'd heard that Da Kines was opening in the Target Shopping Ctr in Sept....but haven't been in the area to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

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