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Sunday, 25 September 2005



Kirk! I dunno why, but this post cracked me up...I think it was a combination of the pidgin and the fact that you said you were the only guy wearing slacks.

Anyways, because of this post, I gotta make my way over to Gardena or something to get me some plate lunch! Yum!


Hi Pam - You know what? After reading through this, I realize that some of the pigin could be taken in many different ways....ahem! Too late for me to change. So let me just say.."Eh, no act, la-dat, what budda you?" ;o)


funny entry! i love it!!

thanks for telling us about the other location too -- the pb location is too difficult to get to!


Hi Annie - The other location is at 1635 Sweetwater Road in National City. Good luck!


Hi Kirk,

I don't really know what to say about this, but I think you'd be better off going to L&L. Even though L&L's katsu sauce sucks, I would have to say that it's consistently well cooked.

Too bad about the barbecue chicken, it looked quite well grilled from here. *sigh*

BTW...what you doing in slacks anyway? Don't you know us local wear short and slippers everywhere? =P


"the one item it needed was some "umph"- great line! great


I have mixed feelings about Da Kine's. Because of the loyal customer base, it has a nice local-kine vibe (that is, outside of tourist season at the PB location). The food deficiencies you covered. It's the place I usually go to when I am in the mood for a plate lunch though. Too bad about the Beef Stew. Sometimes you get in the mood for Beef Stew and rice and you just can't find it out here. Have you tried the Guamanian beef stew at Islander Grill out in Balboa Park?As for the National City location, if I am out that way, it's filipino food all the way!

clare eats

Dat Da Buggah certainly brings on a Kanak-attack... but that sure is some ono grindz



Where are the greens !? I don't think the mac salad counts :) you gotta have some "good food" with the chicken katsu to.. you know... wash away the oil and stuff. That katsu looks really yummy though :P~


Hi Reid - You really don't know how much I miss Rainbow drive0in and Zippy's!

Hi Mealcentric - I really hate underseasoned food! I mean if I wanted bland food - I'd stay home and have a slice of dry toast. LOL!

Hey Jack - There is a nice vibe at DaKine's - I guess that's why I'll go back.... I haven't had the stew at Islander Grill, had something else - but don't quite remember - I always get a chuckle over having the barrel grill right out on the side-walk, almost feels like you're either at somebody's house barbecueing, ir you're having street food - on Park Ave!!!

Hi Clare - Nah, da' bugga is kinda chintzy - you maybe go moi-moi afta you "Wop Ya Jaws"! :o)

Hi Rachel - What I aim for is three starches and a protein! LOL! It's just not a plate lunch if it has a green salad on it. DaKine's does offer that option though. And I don't think you've been reading enough of my posts if you think I'd go for the green salad option! :o)


mmm... *note to self: Dear Self, please be sure to check out that Hi-y-ann place ova ta da moovie house afo y'alls head on out east***

Reid, better he be in slacks than running around with his plastic banana leaf sushi outfit... \*O*/

Clare, Clare, Clare... you been hangin out to long gal pal! ;o)

Rachel, you mean the carrots in the mac salad didn't count as "good" food? You know chocolate inhibits the growth of plaque right? ::grins wickedly::


Hi Jo - So if I floss my teeth with the stringy celery parts, I'd have displayed excellent hygiene, right? I really hope you're not trying to do pidgin there.....


I dunno about the celery strings man, are they long enough for you to hold? ::grins:: Now way could I do pidgen! Remember Mike's rendition of... what it the word... ummm Howlii(?) pidgen? I's a sudnuh... ::smiles blissfully::


I wonder if babel fish translates whole sentences of pidgen english.
Rachel <--- lazy :o)
Yes kirk, I have noticed your lack of enthusiasm of ordering things green however, some manage to sneak their way into some of the pictures you have taken ;) None was as blatent as the katsu picture though!! What is it about men and green stuff??? I have to practically hide spinach in a mountain of cheese to make Richard eat it.
Jo, would love a pic of you attempting to floss with celery !And i didn't know that about chocolate ! hmmm maybe I should have a m&ms jar on my desk instead of the usual jelly bean jar

P/S whats chintzy!? the closest word to that is chiisai chimpo


Hi Jo - Don't know if they're long enough to hold, but I hated celery when I was a kid, cause those strings always got stuck between my teeth.

Hi Rachel - Let's keep this down to a PG-13 rating, ok? Good God, I've just had the best laugh I've had in a while...... chintzy, means stingy or cheap - it's not pidgin! And definitely not chiisai chimpo - OMG, I'm dying!!!!!! I do eat salads, it's just that I don't post on them - wouldn't want to ruin my reputation! You could say I'm a closet salad eater. LOL, for making my morning!!!!!


ok, what the heck is "chiisai chimpo"? As for the celery floss, I don't think you could achieve proper results with american stuff, but chinese celery is so tuff it dented my best knife when I made the Sichuan dry fried beef!

Babel fish translate EVERYthing! It's all in the digestion.

Mike likes green stuff! I still remember how much green stuff was in his fridge the first time I opened it... Green lettuce, green baloney, green mustard... =oO


Hi Jo - Green Eggs and Ham??? You can find the definition of the phrase here:

I'm still laughing over it! I hope Rachel uses the phrase to one of the "locals" on a visit to Hawaii!


::snort:: ::blush:: ::chuckles:: ::falls off the chair and nearly has a heart attack laughing::

Ok man, so I'm a tad slow... ::gasping for breath:: Das classic brah! ;o) (was that better than Mike?)


Hi Jo - Yes, it's classic...hope Rachel didn't have me in mind :OP


::blushes extra deep red:: I should hope not! Missus would have to tweak your nose! ;o)

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