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Sunday, 11 September 2005



Hi Kirk,

The pho looks good as does the bun bo Hue. The only comment/question is about the bun bo Hue. Was it really spicy? I've eaten it a couple times at some of the Vietnamese restaurants here and found that it wasn't spicy at all. BTW...I've never had it with the blood here. I'm a bit anxious to try it.


Hi Reid - It's a bit spicy, not like Sichuan Food, though it can give you a bit of a "buzz". Blood and the Pork Leg has been standard in every Bun Bo Hue I've ever had. Accoring to Mealcentric there a "trick" to eating the blood, though I've tried it, and really still don't like it.


Hi Kirk,

Actually, the Vietnamese here don't serve blood to anyone other than the Vietnamese, or so I've been told. I was told by a Vietnamese person to ask for it and watch the faces that I'll get. Apparently, they feel that only Vietnamese people will eat it. Strange huh?


Hi, Kirk,

The Bun Bo Hue and the Pho both look great there. Most of the places where I've tried the Bun Bo Hue around here are just OK. The pork feet usually comes out really tough. It's like chewing a tire. I did try a little of my friend's at Phuong Trang and I thought the textures of the pork was great, but that the broth was a little bland.

It's hard finding the perfect dish, isn't it?

Beth - The Zen Foodist

I love your posts, Kirk, and how photo-filled they are. I feel like I am really accompanying you on all of your meals. It's like a little journey! Thanks!

clare eats

If I am having vietnamese I want a TASTY broth, if the broth isn't up to scratch it just isn't worth it. But when it is *heaven*


Hi Reid - I can see the restaurants point - I've seen people order this, and totally freak out when they see the chunks of blood floating around, or some of them freak at the pig's feet. If you order it, I hope you like blood.

Hi Howie - I've only had Bun Bo Hue in a few places, but this is the best I've had so far. I like the Pho' here, the broth is rich and tasty - though the distinct taste of cloves may throw you at first.

Hi Beth - Thanks much! I try to convey as much as I can!

Hi Clare - You're absolutely right. Though I once had Pho' in Seattle with a fabulous broth, but the noodles were totally mushy, and that really detracted from the whole dish. BTW, do you like Bun Bo Hue?


Blood isn't an uncommon food. Look at all the blood sausages in European cuisine. Pinoy cuisine as well. As for me, my dad can eat my share of butifarones! ::laughing::


Hi Jo - People just don't expect chunks of blood floating in their soup - and most of these people have not even heard of Dinuguan, except on maybe, Fear Factor. It's quite a shock for them! When presented in sausage form, it looks familiar, so has less of an impact. After all most are not as adventurous as you!


I've even tried it with the "Mealcentric strategy":

"The key is to break it into smaller chunks so its not as overwhelming"

And I really didn't like it very much.


What a great post, not to mention how much buzz it created on your posts. I really like the fact that you visit somewhere a few times before posting, it really adds to the report's credibility. I wish I had enough time to do the same :(o

Huh, fried tendon? Never had that in pho before. And before I forget, I absolutely had the "appetizer sin" as you referred to--only at Vietnamese restaurants. Or when one person's dish comes out 10 minutes before the other persons. Kills me.

As far as blood, Reid, it tastes a little metallic (to be expected) and almost grainy. More on the bland side with a slight bitter residual taste. Really doesnt add too much to the soup besides authenticity. I'm not CRAZY about it, but will definately eat it up if its my soup.


hmm, i'm not too happy with the skimpy vegetable garnishes!! i love the pictures of the noodles though!! now i'm craving some...mmmm...

p.s. i did visit tajima, great food!! do you mind if i write about it??


Hi Mealcentric - Thanks for the description/explanation. Yes, the "apps" before the entree things is really strange, i'll never understand why things are done like that. I don't think the tendon was fried, but it had that "bubbly" look and was super, super tough - like trying to bite into an inner tube.

Hi Annie - Yes, one of my gripes about Convoy Noodle house are the rather skimpy garnishes - though I think the food here is rather good. As for Tajima - you go Girl!!! I'm looking forward to that post!


I kind of like the pork blood :) More tha n I thought I would. It reminds me of bone marrow, which I love. I remember my mom would make a simple broth with beef bones and my sis and I would take them and poke the marrow out of them. Yum!


I still haven't tried Bun Bo Hue, but from your post it doesn't sound much different than the egg noodle soup except with some chili paste worked in. Mealcentric gave me a tip on a place to try it in Westminster...but that blood thing makes me curdle (pun intended) now...since I think I might look Vietnamese I am afraid they'll serve me the blood! Yikes!


Hi Howie - I like beef marrow, but to me blood tastes nothing like it! BTW, I really don't care for Beef/Pork liver, heart, kidney etc....

Hi Elmo - I wouldn't write off Bun Bo Hue - Everyplace I've had them has been different - it doesn't taste like egg noodle soup after you add in the shrimp paste and lime. The noodles are also different, not egg noodles. And in another place I thought the Bun Bo Hue was positively almost sweet and spicy, in one place I'm sure there was lemongrass in the soup. You can always tell them you don't want the blood - but make sure you get the pig's feet/shank. I need to try the Bun Bo Hue at Que Huong.

clare eats

Yep I do, I haven't ever had it with blood though.....


Hi Clare - Funny thing, every Bun Bo Hue I've had was different!

clare eats

I had a vegan version the other day that was pretty good, their fake char siew was better than many real versions!


Hi Clare - There's a new Asian Vegan Restaurant that opened in the neighborhood recently that's very popular, they serve vegan pho', etc. I'll be trying them soon.

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