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Monday, 19 September 2005



I SO want the opportunity to meet Missus before heading East. Unless of course you think you'll be able to come out our way soon. I can just picture her, chopstick in hand, squeezing, s l o w l y s q u e e z i n g . . . .

clare eats

Me too Jo LOL!
I could feel the rage and pain, glad shehasthe guts to stickup for herself though!


Hi Kirk,

It seems like we all had dim sum this weekend huh? Must have been the moon festival. Did you get to have some mooncakes? I got a couple....they were quite good.

The glutinous rice in lotus leaf is one of my favorites too. It was really good at Legend. In fact, that's one of the dishes they do really well.


Mmm...had dim sum last Friday from Empress Pavilion - take out to go on the run since I don't get that much time during my lunch breaks. I do love the rice in lotus leaf and the noodles with shrimp. (I also like it with pork or beef too). My all time favorites though are the shrimp dumplings (Har Gow) and the steamed meat dumplings with shrimp (Siu Mai). Yum!


Hi Jo - Better around that chopstick than my neck!

Hi Clare - She does pick her spots well.

Hi Reid - Must be some kind of inner calendar that goes off around this time of the year! We went for Dim Sum twice in two weeks.

Hi Kristy - Dim Sum for you too! Seems everyone is having Dim Sum, and I think everyone has their dishes that they judge the restaurant on.


I am starting to think this blog thing is influencing the ebb and flow of people's eating habits, like a peg in the space-time continuum. Even before reading your post, I found out that we are going to go to L.A. this weekend to eat dim sum at some new place (don't know where yet)...of course you'll see a post on my blog on it next week!

Awesome review and pics always!


Too bad about Emerald - it was fine on my last visit to civilization. But I will have to try China Max particularly if I can remember some of the dishes you had that I've never tried. Thanks again for the pics and post.



Hi Elmo - Funny thing isn't it, probably the combination of cooler weather and the Moon Festival! Though we could experiment and start doing Haggis and see if those reviews start popping up everywhere! LOL!

Hi Ed - Sounds like another Me n' Ed adventure in the making? We haven't given up on Emerald - too many good meals there in the past, but this last one was pretty bad.....


I was both dim sumless and moon cakeless! =o( "Po Po Pitiful Me"? I forgot to mention that I loved the menu! I would have gotten everything on the fried side! Especially "sugar cane shrimp". Now, what exactly is a sugar cane shrimp?


Hi Jo - I think sugar cane shrimp is a breaded and deep fried shrimp "cake" wrapped around a stick of sugar cane. Picture menu's are great aren't they????

Green Turtle

Do you happen to remember the prices for "small", "medium", and "large"? Is it the same as Emerald or higher? I wish Golden City would hurry up and re-open at their Kearny Villa location. I keep going by there every 2 weeks and looking through the glass door and it seems that their renovations are proceeding very slowly. At this rate, I wonder if they'd even be open before Thanksgiving. Also, I drove by Tommy Burger's future site, they haven't even gotten the framing finished. I wonder how they plan to meet their target opening of Nov/Dec.


Hi Green Turtle - You know - it's my fault for not paying the attention I should to the price structure. But let me just say we had Curry Siu Mai, Stuffed Bean Curd, Cheong Fun, tripe, sticky rice in lotus leaf, shrimp dumpling, and hot tea at Emerald for $29, that's 6 dishes, here we had 7 and tea for $32, hope that helps. I've been keeping an eye on that Golden City site as well - the other day I saw some workmen going in and out - I hope they open soon! As for Tommy's, I don't think they'll make their target.....I know we all look forward to the heartburn! LOL!


I love China Max! They do my favorite version of Salt and Pepper Pork Chop down here. All the dishes you ordered look fantastic.

That's too bad about Emerald. I'm really curious to hear about what happened. I hope it's just a temporary drop in quality.


Hi Howie - The dishes were pretty good, except for the seaweed rolls. I'll post about emerald in the near future.



I love dim sum. Ahhh and you had one of my favourites the Cheong Fun. Ohhh...Yum. I have yet to take DH to a really good Dim Sum place, but maybe this month or next I can convince him! Thanks for making me hungry!


Hi Mills - I'm sure there are ALOT of great Dim Sum places in your neck of the woods!!!!



There are but usually they only serve it for lunch, and its hard for DH and I to time it right. LOL Usually we get distracted by other things. I so love dim sum. The first time I ever had dim sum, I was in highschool, and J and I decided to pool our money and eat. OH that was so good. We didn't know what we were eating but oh it was so good. Too bad the place closed (bad location). *sigh*


There's a place over in Fremont near the Milpitas border that I was taken to by a former co-worker. A chinese gentleman who (like us) took his food VERY seriously. Mike & I went a couple times during our courtship. Maybe we could hit it up this weekend Mills? AFTER Friday night!?!?! ::wink:: OH yea, and the garage sale...


Hi Mills - Yes Dim Sum is usally a breakfast/lunch thing. There's an art to timing your visit depending on the Restaurant! You want to avoid the masses, but also get all of the "good stuff" coming out of the kitchen!

Hi Jo - Let's see, another 10 hour drive.....hmmm.... ;o)


Gone for a few days and look what I've missed! I took a number of our friends out to China Max for dinner last week. They really enjoyed it (a few of them don't really care for spicy food...what a shame!) I will be sending a link to this entry so they can see your great pics a descriptions.

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