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Thursday, 08 September 2005



Yay? I like friendly service, but this kind of forced cheerfulness always reminds me of Office Space and Jennifer Aniston's battle with "flair".

Brian Bautista

Wow, they've totally changed the place since my job was officially ended when Koo Koo Roo's closed down . Unfortunately I was an employee til the end of Koo Koo Roo. The REAL reason why Koo Koo Roo closed down was not only the exorbitant prices but our cooks were constantly making side dishes around closing time which were then thrown away a few hours later. Yes, Koo Koo Roo is owned by Fuddruckers but you'll only see a few Koo Koo Roo's left, all of which are in the greater LA area. Long live the original skinless chicken, Koo Koo Roo :)


Hi Howie - It was kind of a surreal experience.

Hi Brian - Thanks for commenting, I hope you're having a better employment experience now. It just seems like Koo Koo Roo just disappeared overnight. Everytime I'd been there the place never seemed too busy.


My husband used to be obsessed with "Fuddie's," as he calls it, for years. That is, until he started getting an upset stomach after every visit. I think he lost his tolerance for greasy food.

Another funny thing about my husband and Fuddie's is that he thinks that he invented their 1 pound burger b/c he used to always ask them to put two 1/2 lb. patties together. And then they added it to the menu eventually. Ha ha!


Hi Beth - Who knows perhaps your Husband did invent the 1lb burger! BTW, I co-dedicate the post above to him! LOL!



LOL--Very funny post! I haven't been to Foodwreckers in years. The last time I went was to the one in Mira Mesa probably 10+ years ago. But your review took me right back there--the dim lighting, the overstimulating noise and activity, the bewildering theme park feeling of entering and being guided through the cattle gates to Burger World. Yikes, I'm getting a bit queasy just thinking about it...


Hi Crazysalad - I love the line "being guided through the cattle gates to Burger World." That is as descriptive a phrase as one could think of!


Hi Kirk,

I ate at Fuddruckers when I was in Dallas last year. I wasn't really impressed for some reason.


Hi Reid - As you can tell, neither was I....


I remember when I was a kid back about 10 or 15 years ago, I begged my dad to take me to Elmer Fudd's, er, Fuddruckers (The Grossmont one). We all went there and, well, that was the last time we ever went there. Pretty much for the same reasons you described Kirk.

My friend said the one in Mira Mesa was better than the others, but I'm not really interested enough in experimenting in the future.


Hi James - I think the name aptly ddescribes the food here.


Wow...we LOVE FuddRuckers!! When we go to the closest shopping town,which is an hour away, Fudd Ruckers is always in the top 3 to choose to eat...the waistline is screamin...HELP, but the tastebuds are screamin, YUMMM!! sorry you had a not so great experience!!


Hi Jami - Thanks for commenting. Let's just say I overwhelmed by the faux theme park like experience, and underwhelmed by dry and tough burger. The fries were pretty good; and I did like the "condiment bar".


I'm commenting way the heck late but I do have some insights. I first heard of Fuddrucker's in maybe 1988 when it was battling Flakey Jake's in the "gourmet" hamburger realm. Their big selling point was that you could see your hamburger patty before they cooked it then you could take it to the condiment bar and load it up however you wanted. Both chains seemed to die out around 1992 or so. At least the craze really simmered down. Then Fuddrucker's kind of came back into my consciousness about three years ago when I saw that the Koo Koo Roo in the Irvine Marketplace also sold Fudd's burgers and I tried one one time and from what I can remember it was pretty good. Think it was the same mushroom thing you got. I'm pretty sure the Koo Koo Roo/Fuddrucker's is still there and I don't think anybody cheered it being my first visit.


the only way to enjoy a fuddie is 3/4lbs patty medium rare with a touch of ketchup, mayo and mustard. And you're set. Well maybe a few slice of tomato and pickles on the side.

I got to the El Torro Fudruckers in Lake Forest.


Fuddrucker burgers are not even close to being tough. I have been many many times. He says juicy yet its tough. I have never had a juicy tough burger. They are the best hamburgers out there.


LOL you say, "The burger was juicy, though kinda tough" Then you comment, "underwhelmed by dry and tough burger" Dont ruin it for others. I am an Executive Chef and it is a good burger. You make no sense.


Hi Asher - You may be an "Executive Chef", but I am (was) your customer...and you sure ruined it for me...both your food AND lousy attitude!


y, Asher. That particular location is absolutely the worst Fuddruckers. They refuse to cook the burgers to a medium, much less medium rare and it ruins any flavor the meat had. Technically the burger isn't dry, but it is cooked through and there is no flavor. The maximal shrinkage of the 1/2 pounder there is your clue. Also, that location does not have a bakery inside, so the bread is never same-day fresh, always a day old.
I remember when the Fuddruckers at Grossmont Center opened. There would be a half a cow hanging in the front window and a butcher with knife in hand, wearing a bloody apron, grinding fresh hamburger meat. You could buy a bag of bones for $1. By bag, I mean a 33 gallon trash bag.
They still make the rolls and bakery items fresh there and you *can* ask for and have a burger cooked rare or medium rare.
There was no reason for you to have that sort of attitude with a direct observation that Kirk blogged about.


I have been to Fuddruckers many times, and might point out that your photo of the 1/2 pound hamburger you cant find in your cute photo is buried by you. The stuff you covered the patty with you put there, not the restraunt.

I find that they have excellent quality food at these locations and found them at one of the original locations in Houston Tx. I know that some chains come in and get lost in the market here, but I know that I'll get good food when I'm in the mood for a burger there.

I have never found any problems at the orange county locations, if you wonder where I am, but would be surprised if a franchisee could remain in business if they deviated much.


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