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Friday, 30 September 2005




Yeah Marathon is one of the movies on my to see list! I had heard really good reviews for this movie. Thanks for your review it was more thoughful, and you mentioned food. K-dramas and maybe 1/2 (used to a lot more) Korean movies always have food somewhere, or every 3-4th scene. ;> ;P

The man at the Buga restaurant...
Oh that is so rotten. He has such a closed mind! Argh! I feel so bad for you and the waitress.


Very interesting. I think I would really like Choco-pies, but I've never had them before!


Hi MIlls - Marathon is a wonderful film, and yes, there seemed to be food or eating, like every 3-4 scenes - no wonder everybodies hooked on K-drama's! I felt more sorry for the poor Waitress!

Hi Beth - You should check out Zion Market:

I think you'll enjoy it. They have and entire shelf of this stuff - it's really inexpensive stuff. You like Moon Pies don't you???


That sorry excuse for a person must have been more than slightly short on the atomic weight of his genetic structuring. They sure look like potatoes to me. Anyway, we've paid to much attention to him.


Kirk, Moon Pies are about the nastiest things on the planet! They are a blast to watch in the microwave though. But that is the full extent of their usefullness. IMHO at least...


Choco-pies! I haven't had one of those in a while...I used to go to Daiei or Shirokiya to fill up on my choco-pie cravings. I've always liked the concept of the cold noodles but could never stand how incredible CHEWY they are, it takes me forever to finish a bowl!


Hi Kirk,

Bibim naengmeon is quite delish, especially in the summertime. I haven't had it in a while, but I find it so refreshing.

Didn't you notice that many Korean movies (K-dramas included) have lots of scenes that center around food? Another thing that I find quite enjoyable, is for the most part, these movies (TV programs) lack sex/violence found in many other types of shows.

clare eats

I had the Bibim Naengmyun and it was good, it had marinated raw fish in it too mmmmmmmmm


Thanks for the movie review--looks like it's also playing again Sunday and Tuesday.

As for ja jang myun, there is a Korean Chinese restaurant in San Diego, Lucky House (4367 Convoy), that serves it. Be sure to ask for extra jajang and raw onions on the side, so you can dip wedges of onion into the jajang as you eat your noodles.

Mmm, neng myun--the perfect dish for this hot weather we're having. But, according to my husband, real Koreans don't cut their noodles, only kids and foreigners (like me).


Hi Jo - Yea, I guess Moon Pies would rank right next to Krystal Burgers on that one, huh? LOL!

Hi Kathy - Choco-pies were great when I was a kid - but now they make my teeth hurt!!! :o)

Hi Reid - You know, I've never seen those K-Drama's - all my friends back home are hooked on them - so I think I'd better stay away....

Hi Clare - Double mmmmm delici-yoso!

Hi Angie - I've been to Lucky House many times - I used to be a regular at Katzra, right across the way for many years. And Sam, from Sammy Sushi when he worked at Katzra, and I used to eat there once in a while. I really didn't notice the jajand myeng. I really enjoy the Chinese verision Jajiang Mein alot. Well I guess I need to have my noodles cut too, then since I'd be a major foreigner! Plus I'd make a mess if I didn't. Just had some wonderful Yuokhwe yesterday - it was fab!


your story about the guy in the restaurant reminds me of this time I was in a restaurant in Tuscany and this middle aged couple from New Jersey had the audacity to tell the waitress (in the most annoying NJ accent), "We want our pasta 'al dente', that means not fully cooked". I was at a loss for words. Some people...


Wow, the film looks like a good one for me to Netflix when it comes out. :) Great review!


Hi Mealcentric - I guess close-mindedness and ignorance still exists in the 21st Century...

Hi Kristy - I'm amazed at how good this years festival is, usually there are 1-2 good films, this year we've already seen 4 really good films!


hooray ! you learn so much about diferent cuisines on blogs. Now I know more about my "mystery noodles" and more tips on how to make it more delicious. Great pics and movie + food review kirk ! I have tried the jajang noodles and don't care much for them either. What are moon pies?? I have only tried choco pies they are nyummy !


P/S Don't you just love the little side dishes that come with korean meals ? *happy sigh*


Hi Rachel - A moon pies are basically a marshmallow sandwich covered in chocolate - really, really, sweet....choco-pies are not as sweet as moon pies. And I know people who think it's the panchan that makes the meal, not the "main course" in Korean Restaurants.


Yea Rachel, don't bother with Moon Pies, it's all hype. Choco pies are WAY better!

I like the leafy green panchans best. Shitake mushroom panchan as well. I could eat just those!



What's yuokwhe?


Hi Angie - Not sure about my romanization - but it's the shredded raw beef.

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