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Tuesday, 27 September 2005



I forgot to mention...
Maybe in the future, the scale could be modified a little because I think each loco moco element has a different weight of importance contributing to the dish.

Maybe something like: gravy 30%, burger 30%, egg 15%, rice 15%? Not sure about the numbers, but you know what I mean?


oops those numbers don't even equal to 100% :P


Hell yeah! This post kicked ass. OK, enough with this Hawaiian food temptation lately, I gots ta go get me some!


Kirk: Nice synthesis of local loco moco's. ;) I can only have so much...they're a heartache waiting to happen!

AND DYLAN - you're going to HAWAII?!! When? With whom? How long? Where? :D I'm sure Mac and I would love to tag along. heehee!

clare eats

Hey Kirk
I know this will probably sound sacriligeous but how about some nice brown really yummy shitake mushroom gravy instead? Easy to make at home, not as artery clogging and really GOOD?


oooo CLARE! I do declare! That was sorta where my head was going to. Here was my gravy plan:

half & half butter n EVOO
1 onion, cut in half and sliced thin as possible
saute slowly till onions are carmelized
touch of merlot to deglaze
touch of ketchup, tablespoon or bit less
knorr beef bullion cubes (Some may cringe at the bullion cubes, but it packs a serious flavor wallop)
thinly sliced mushrooms (shitake OR crimini)

simmer a few minutes to allow 'shrooms to release their juices. Then stir in cornstarch & water to thicken. Extra salt & fresh pepper to taste.

Whaddya tink?


Hi Kyle - Well there's a ton of Hawaiian BBQ places in San Diego, and they all are either L&L or copies. So I guess that's how you get the "generic Loco".

Hi James - Well it's your system of measuring that I used to start "grading" all these Loco's, so had to make sure to give "props". When you have the "refined Rubio Scale" let me know, ok? I'll start using it!

Hi Pam - This was kind of a "simmering pot let loose" kind of thing, it was stuff I had kept on the side, and just decided to post, so it became a "Loco explosion" - though that sounds kinda gross!

Hi Kristy - I know, talk about killing your arteries in one shot! Dylan - sounds like you got some 'xplaining to do????

Hi Clare - Hell no, a good mushroom gravy is Nirvana - go for it - just make sure you post w/photo's!


Hi Jo - Sounds like you have a plan - so carry out the mission! I should have a Loco beauty contest, huh?


OH no, definately NOT expecting white gravy! I know gravy/meat pairings like a sommolier knows wine/food pairings. This has to be a cornstarch or arrowroot thickened brown gravy with intense beef. I don't actually do a "white" gravy. The palest I go is a... tannish color for sausage gravy to serve over hot biscuits. That is a variety of Southern "cream" gravy.

The absolute BEST brown gravy of this type I have ever had was served in the cafeteria at Fleming Jr. High in Lomita, California somewhere around the paleolithic era when I was in attendance...


a BEAUTY CONTEST!?!?! ::roaring with laughter:: Mike's sitting here and I read that to him and he said "eeww, that could get disgusting". Besides, how could I compete with no freaking camera? Poor Mills has been spending most of her time chasing her tail. She can't even break away to go check out a chocolate factory!


::sigh:: 3 posts later and I STILL haven't asked the important question... WHAT is supposed to be in the beef patties?


Hi Jo - What!!! Don't you like a Loco Moco beauty contest!!! LOL! Honestly, think as if you're going to make a good hamburger steak, maybe some filler, and some onions...but make sure the gravy's right, not perfect, just "Longshorman Right" ,that is hearty, beefy, and seasoned...after all it's a really humble dish, huh? There are places back home that still sell the stuff for $1.99!!!


DUDE! I'm telling you, my keyboard is ready to float away on a saliva sea! Don't mention the longshormen ok?!?!? Longshoremen appitites can make my cooking heart leap with joy within my breast! ::rolls eyes at her own hokieness::


Hi Jo - Dem' Longshoreman sure know how to eat, don't they? What do you think they would do with a Loco????


oh man! Do they ever. Somewhere in my child memory I seem to recollect sharing meals with some of my Dad's friends who practiced that particular vocation. My Dad was a stevedore for a long while. I love the smell of diesel floating on the waves...


Hi Jo - And they love the smell of gravy floating on them eggs.....


wow kirk .... you certainly started a lo-comotion hehe *snicker* and Jo, I told Juan and he burst into laughter.... crazy boogers !!!!


::grinning ear to ear:: Yep, there it is! I gots da booger... em... burger meat defrosting right now. I made fried wontons over the weekend and "teased" them with a pinch of pork. I have some of the seasoned pork left so I'll add that to the beef for a little extra moister along with some sliced green onions. Clare, the mushrooms will have to be optional in this one, I don't know if I'll be able to get to the store or not. Stay tuned for results!

clare eats

ok great ... I will have ago too... ooh, I already have a good shitake gravy.... mmmm


Hi Rachel - I must say you all are a little "Loco-moco"......

Hi Jo - Enjoy your boogers...umm burgers.

And Clare's got the gravy!

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