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Saturday, 20 August 2005



:) Funny post! I like how the distorted smiley on the toast mirrors your inner turmoil as you're about to taste the vegemite. I've only tasted vegemite once about 10 years ago, and I don't think I'll be doing a repeat in this lifetime :)

clare eats

It was still too thick in some spots, you need to spread it out with a butter knife and just where is the cup of tea? :P

I am so proud of you for actually trying it :)


Hi Howie - It was interesting. Fun, but I really didn't care for the aftertaste - but I've had worse. I think vegemite's bad rep is somewhat overblown.

Hi Clare - Well I promised. I did have a diet coke, but even that wouldn't get the aftertaste to go away. Vegemite isn't that bad, it's just the look and it smells kinda funky. I probably should have spread it alot better - but don't you like the "modern art" look it had!


Yea, I'm kinda thinkin' how anything made of yeast could really be that bad. Considering wine, bread, cheese... Not like belancan where my husband, who is in another room, thinks the baby has a poop diaper, nope, did Pepper poop? nope, do my hands smell like poop? nope... finally wanders into the kitchen where his wife waves a skillet under his nose asking "what do you think of this?" HA! Talk about classic! ANYWAY, Kirk, you shoulda had sourdough toast and LOTS more butter to facilitate spreading. Clare, what about mixing it with a bit of honey?


This....a food blog? Your toast-post is pure opera. Seriously, though....fine post. Are you still there, Kirk?

clare eats

Kirk, love the look :) you might have enjoyed it a bit more if you had of spread it more carefully though...

Jo Honey? hmm never tried that's for sure!


Hi Jo - You'll think this is funny, but I'm not much of a butter on toast kind of person, so I tend to "spread it thin". And vegemite is not that bad, it just kinda has an identity problem!

Hi RONW - I'm still breathing! I had alot of fun putting this post together. Thanks!

Hi Clare - I think anyone should have the vegemite in your "classic" manner, first. I don't know why the thought of adding anything sweet to this makes me shudder....I will do a better job of "spreading the vegemite" next time.


funny. great entry! love the pictures!


Hi Kirk,

I commend you for having the will to try this. After hearing so much about it, I will probably never try it myself.


I have to agree Kitk, a lot more butter and a cup of tea. It is a little too thick in some areas. OK enough complaining, it was a fun post! Thanks Kirk for being brave! LOL :D


Hi Annie - Thanks, it was alot of fun to write!

Hi Reid - It's not so bad - after all you baga-ong, right? It's really salty, but I don't like the aftertaste, tried to wipe it off my tongue :o(

Hi Mills - What happened is I tried to be artistic and make a smiley face that was an utter failure. I'm not a tea and "bread" kinda guy....


Hi Kirk,

I think your vegemite bread art may fetch as much as my crayon drawings. ha ha

Nice post...I've always been curious about vegemite myself, though I've never had the urge to try it.

Pukeko Palace

Since I have to be on a gluten free diet I have not had any vegemite for 12 years or so (sniff...) but my ultimate favourite dish as a kid was poached eggs on vegemite and toast(lots of butter,it melds with the black stuff) and grated tasty cheddar cheese all over the top. Yummy. I saw it in a picture in an Aussie womans magazine in the 60's and I am miffed we kiwis didn't think of it first!!!I guess we should be satisfied with the ultimate glory of having invented the Pavlova!!!!


LOL! Now you must do a taste test comparison with Marmite!


Hi Pam - Believe me, my "artistic talents" are nothing compared to yours:

Hi Pukeko Palace - Thanks for commenting! That recipe sounds like it might taste real good, especially given the salty taste of the vegemite - I think the Missus will give it a try!

Hi Elmo - Know anywhere I can get my hands on some Marmite????

Lynn Vasquez

Aloha Kirk! I'm visiting. Am I provacative too like RonW? LOL Anyways, we just sold our resturant called MAMA'S and Benny's in Chinatown this past September. Reading your post and seeing the name MAMA'S brought back memories.



Wow, such a post!
I lift to thee a toast!
You really are the most!
Although you never boast!
Even after eating nasty roast!


Hi Lynne - I welcome the provocative, so long it's about food! Thank you for visiting! BTW I miss a place we used to go after "yo-ta" they made donuts in Chinatown - only open after midnight......

Hi Jo - Yo-so poetic!!!! LOL!


::wink:: Ain't I though?

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