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Sunday, 28 August 2005



WOW, Can you transport the restaurant over here? LOL I envy you guys! LOL Years ago I heard about Papaya salad. I heard so much about it that I was so looking forward to having it for the first time, and then I tried it. Oh I hated it. *sigh* maybe I will try it again some time,


Hi Mills - The prices here are really good. I've had more lousy Papaya Salads than good ones. This one was pretty good. I'd suggest getting it as simple (w/o salted crab)as possible first.

clare eats

Chilli mmm chilli! is such an important ingrediant in That food! I wish they would ask first before giving you the mild option! (sorry jo)

And I think that is all about that blance of hot sour salty which when right is soooo good when done badly is just so WRONG!!!


Your shot of the menu was great. I enlarged the menu's picture by clicking on it but then saved it to "My Pictures," to get a still bigger enlargement. Great table side service Kirk. Could you call my waitress over, please? I'll be ordering No. 22. WonTon Soup. And by the way, I have to catch a flight.


Hi Kirk,

The food looks quite good. Sorry to hear about the sausage though. =(



That sausage looks so pale! It looks raw! I've never ordered it, but darn, that's one I think I would've been afraid to eat, let alone enjoy. I remember the Thai Sausage at Lotus of Siam and it at least was grilled to a dark brown...I didn't like LoS's version much, but I think it had to be better than Krua Thai's just by looking at it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the other dishes though...and I love seeing your perspectives on restaurants that I've been to.


Hi Clare - You know, come to think of it, they never asked us about heat - though the Papaya Salad had ok heat, but I could've done with more.

Hi RONW - I remembered to get a shot of the menu for you. One #22 coming right up! But you better get here quick before it get's cold!

Hi Reid - I don't know why I picked the sausage....but everything else was pretty good, and the prices are great!

Hi Elmo - Yes, that sausage was kinda scary - you know how you poke at things to make sure it's not alive - I actually did that. Everything else was good, I enjoyed the Papaya Salad. And likewise - I enjoyed your review of Phuong Tran and am looking forward to one on DaoSon.



I will have to retry it sometime soon, and maybe I will ask for no saled shrimp/crab, and see if I like it then.


Yeah most places usually give everyone a mild option here too, although there are several really good ones here who ask how mild to wild you want to go. One time I asked for wild, and I couldn't finish my lunch. But the burn was so good, and not to mention all the water works accompanying it. I like it spicy but that was way over the top. :D

clare eats

When you have a cold the waterworks are great milly :P

I think we need to start asking what temp the food will be ;)



Now I know never to order the Thai sausage from there! The papaya salad looks great though.

Funny enough, I ordered some pad kee mao from the NoHo location for take out the other day and it wasn't as good as the first time. The 1st one I had was a lot more spicy. Hmm, must've been an off day.

Great review!



I totally agree with the water works helping with the cold. Some Koreans believe that during the summer you must eat spicy and hot (temp) foods to balance all the cold fods eaten during summer, and they will also cool you down. I have to agree it is kind of refreshing to eat a hot spicey soup in the summer sometimes, but I still have to have my ice cream!


Geez Kirk, first you complain about it being to hot, then not hot enough... ::wink::

Clare, what kind of food is the Ayam Bakar and Goreng? Indo? Malay? Thai? I'm planning to try the goreng this week.


Hi Mills - Yes, try the Papaya Salad plain first, you might like it. It's very refreshing.

Hi Clare - If the waiter/waitress asks for a "heat" level, I'll let them know. But if not, I won't ask on the first visit, because that reflects on service and how the restaurant operates as a whole. My assumption is that either the restaurant considers the food to be optimum at a specific (default) spice/heat level, or the Wait help hasn't been trained to ask.

Hi Pam - Yes, the sausage was sort of anemic, not a very good choice on our part. The Pad Kee Mao could've used a bit more thai basil. Maybe different cook on different day, perhaps?

Hi Jo - Internal Heat - Good, external heat - bad!!! LOL!;o)


::laughing:: You just can't make some folks happy can you? ;o)

Speaking of sausage, have you worked through your supply from Dittmer's? Come up with a favorite? What about the ham?

I'm planning on purchasing a supply to take east!


Hi Jo - The Ham was awesome - we ate ham-egg toast sandwiches for a few days straight - the Paprika Sausages are still the fav - though we haven't finished yet. I'm having beer braised brat's with sauerkraut sometime this week!


I guess I'll have to send you a few before we vanish to the east coast huh? I've got to get a supply of ham and bacon!

clare eats

Jo It is Indonesian :)


ahHA! Cool, yet another enterprise cooking in my pea brain... this time Dee is behind it as well. Thank you!


Jo - The ham is delici-yoso....


Is that a none to subtle hint there Kirk? ;o) I love how sweet the meat is because they haven't over salted the curing solution. Then dry smoked. Wonderful stuff. You know, they make Canadian bacon as well. They stock REAL holland rusk over at the Milk Pail so I can make the original style of eggs benedict. I like the english muffin style, but the holland rusk really gives the dish a unique flavor and mouth feel.

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