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Wednesday, 03 August 2005




I wonder if that Amarin Thai is the same as the restaurants up here in the South Bay? That would be interesting to find out. I will have to try the Thai sausage and the beef salad (hopefully it will be better up here). I'm so sorry the Greek Bites literally Bites. Well maybe the Boyz will enjoy it more than you and missus. :D


Hi Mills - Don't know if they're affiliated - but you haven't had Thai Sausage - it's pretty good. The "boyz" actually did enjoy it - especially the gyro meat - which I thought was kinda funny!


Yeha I have never tried thai sausage, I have it on my list of things to try now. Well I am glad the The Boyz enjoyed the left overs, I guess they enjoy dry meats. ;>


Hi Mills - "da' boyz" enjoy any kind of meat they get their paws on....


Yep, Pepper has to learn to love chicken. Not a problem exactly. He and the rest of the gang are not thrilled that I've been on semi strike the last few days. Just to darn busy to cook. Last night I had to abscond all together for a church meeting and they all had Marie Callendar chicken pot pies. I do believe Pepper is in love....


Kirk-I've always wondered about that thai place. Every month or so our "family" goes out for sushi at the japanese place next to the food court. It went through a ownership change a number of months ago. We go here because it is central for everyone, they can accomodate our usual party of anywhere from 10 to 20, don't mind if we are loud and have kids running around (not sure how the patrons feel :) ), and the sushi is pretty good. In fact we are going there tonight.

I've never had thai sausage...sounds and looks good.


That Thai food looks good, but I have one burning question: Why is everything packaged in foil? Did they run out of styrofoam containers?


I used to go to this food court all the time when I worked in Sorrento Valley. Your pictures of the Beef Salad at Amarin look pretty enticing.

I usually end up going to Spices Thai Cafe in the same shopping center for Thai Food. The Japanese restaurant Yoshi is not bad either, but I'm sure it doesn't compare to Sakura.

I've tried the Pho place a couple of times, and it's not one of my favorites. I would usually end up driving further down Mira Mesa to Ca Dao or Pho Hoa Cali for my pho fix.


Hi Jo - I got a kick out of that - pot pies, huh? Crust and all?

Hey Jack - The Thai sausage is pretty good. More of an Issan kind of thing. About the family and kids, that's kind of the good thing about a place like this, people can get what they want, and it's very casual and relaxed. I noticed the Japanese Restaurant - but the words 'Sushi Buffet', usually scares me away! But maybe we'll give it a try. I've got a post that is in the queue about a sushi buffet, need to get that done soon, I guess.

Hi Elmo - Ha, it's pretty funny, actually the foil blocks out the styrofoam containers - didn't notice you couldn't see them until I looked at the pictures just now - they are all lying in the generic styrofoam containers.

Hi Howie - The Beef Salad was ok - but sorely missing some flavors to balance it out - nice amount of beef though. I did notice Spices Thai Cafe on the opposite side of the parking lot, is it any good? So a second 'ok' for the Japanese place? I think of things in terms of economies of scale, not every place can or should be Sakura, good, decent Japanese food has it's place - plus, if I held out for Sakura, I'd be broke and then some!


Is this Yoshi Sushi? The buffet must be a new thing. I'll find out tonight.


Jack - I'm pretty sure that there was a 'Sushi Buffet' sign - I think it was hand written, outside Yoshi Sushi. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

clare eats

Sushi buffet? WOW


Hi Clare - Not wow, most of the sushi buffets are pretty terrible, I won't touch any of the fish there!!! It's all low grade, pre-cut and put aside, then formed into sushi when the supple runs low! There are exceptions if you consider "robata" style sushi, a buffet, I went to a place that had robata-buffet, but the problem was you had to wait for the 99 California Rolls to pass before you got something good!


Clare - There are exceptions, though I can't think of any right now....


Had dinner last night at Yoshi Sushi w/17 other family members (cousins, spouses, kids). They do have an all-you-can-eat deal for I think $25/person. It's not a buffet though. You place an order from the usual sushi sheet (we were obviously not at the bar!). It is different from the regular menu, but not that different. Missing were the more expensive specials of the day and other rolls. In the past we have typically spent about $40/adult for sushi and the kid's meals. So we saved a few dollars. The sushi...not bad at all. In fact the nigiri sushi was quite nice..tuna, yellowtail, toro (had to pay a little extra for the toro). Probably more like an everyday/neighborhood sushi place where you can get decent quality sushi. Very friendly staff. After we finished our last plate of sushi, the chef kept on sending all sorts of other dishes (on the house) out to us. We were stuffed, but, well, we kept on eating!

clare eats

oh you nean sushi train? We have them..... but you pay per plate

of course the buffet would be crap :P you can hope can't you?


Hey Jack - Thanks for clairfying, I may try this place in the near future.

Hi Clare - Yes, most robata style sushi is paid for by the plate - what type of plate. But this palce had robata buffet - it was horrid.

clare eats

sushi train is expensive too... and NEVER as good! bah humbug!

Handrolls there can be good though ;)


Wait a sec here... what exactly is "robata"? Mike and the boys ADORE taking sushi plates from the wee little wooden boats at "boat sushi" Most of the time this is pretty decent. Being somewhat ignorant of proper tradition and all of course. Mike tops everything with wasabi, shoyu, and ginger.

To be honest, I'm hot for the wee little boats myself!


Clare - Could it be because the temaki are made to order?

Hi Jo - Robata as used here is an incorrect term - it literally means "by the fireside", but is used in slang for conveyor belt sushi, actually correctly called "Kaiten" sushi - confused???

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