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Thursday, 25 August 2005



Hi Jo - Benot's are bento's in disguise....everybody who knows what benot's are knows what they are...those that don't understand...well, we'll leave it at that! If a bento fell on your foot with one hand clapping, and didn't make a sound.....:)

clare eats

I don't quite know what to say about that Kirk :P


Hi Clare - Just a bit of post-modernistic babble...

clare eats

I know :P I was just teasin :P and you say I never give you crap!


Hi Clare - I was just amazed to think you were at a loss for words.....

clare eats

ok you win :)


babbleistic modern postalism? HUH? OH NO! CLARE! ::tackles Kiri in an attempt to get Clare's tongue away from the cat most likely to have it:: No sound because the rice cushioned the fall, right? or is it left ::frowns puzzled)


Hi Clare,

What other foods do you recommend at Nijiya market? I also buy Japanese body lotion. The smell is divine.


G Bird

I learned about shochu/soju/whatever 5 days ago and am furiously busy blogging my research results. They will appear hopefully soon at the URL cited for me.

Unfortunately, I am a poor but huge booze snob, therefore ever hunting for what I learn about, but can't find or afford.

The point being that I went to Mitsuwa per Kanako's suggestion.
It had a reasonable selection with some prices I could manage BUT.

They had Soba, mugi, imo & kome shochu as well as a small choice of awamori, but none of the exotics I want - Wakame shochu(seaweed), Kuri shochu (chestnut), kokuto shochu (brown/black sugar aka molasses nee rum), nor, as I recall, much, if any, choice of honkaku.

My holy grail so far is Hayato tear, date palm shochu.

Am still planning & saving for the expeditions to Nijiya & Marukai.

My question to you, patient reader, being where do YOU go in San Diego, or, at worst, L.A., for Japanese or Asian liquour ?

I'd be grateful for your reply CC'd to my personal email address as I do not frequent this website.

Any wealthy widow interested in polite companionship for an extended tour of Japan & Okinawa's distilleries, please respond.

gaijin Bird


Hi Patsy - I'm hoping Clare will be able to answer you. She is however all the way in Australia. As for "foods" at Nijiya, it depends on if you're interested in cooking or already prepared foods.

Hi G Bird - I hope you get all the answers you need. I need to request that you keep your attempts at romantic endeavors to your own site, or perhaps MySpace, or another service. As for shochu, if it's not at Nijiya, Mitsuwa, or Zion Market, a destination in LA, such as Marukai would be your best bet.

clare eats

Hi Patsy
I have been attempting the veeerrryyy long swim from Sydney to San Diego but every time I make it out of Sydney Harbour I either get too tired or I freak out about sharks. I will make it one day though....

Until then you will have to rely on the resident expert Kirk for advice on what to purchase :)


I like to Know if Mr. Riki Still Working There, I'm an old friend, if so please answer. I need your help with a software. Long time I don't pass by your place. We miss the food you have there. Hope see you soon.


wowwa. ive always wanted to go here, but i always end up at mitsuwa! thank you for the info! for shure im going this weekend! (^,^)


Hi Erica - I hope you enjoy!!!

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