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Thursday, 25 August 2005


clare eats

I wish we had japanese markets like that! IT is at least a half hour or more drive to the closest japanese only market and we have to pay a toll on the way back and it is pretty much the only one in sydney. Oh the PAIN!



Hi Clare - Man you're fast. At least you have a Japanese market. I've gotten used to having them near, it would be a major trauma if that were to change.

clare eats

I am quick blogger mc graw :)

yeah but N O BENTO!
and I only JUST found it :(



Oh my...I am hungry and its 2 am. Argh. The bento's look so good. Where is an all night bento place! WHA! LOL Kirk that is so sneaky! I laughed so hard I had to think real hard about this post! LOL *choke* *gasp* "Air I need air, and some bentos delivered at three in the morning!" Everyone just assumes I can't speak or understand Korean so its nice to listen into conversations, and so funny when I have something to say in Korean *evil grin* MUAHAHA er ok my bad! ;P

clare eats

Muah ha ha ha ha :)


Omygosh, they moved!! I guess it's been way too long since the last time I went to Nijiya. I'll have to go check out their "new" location.


Hi Clare - LOL!

Hi Mills - Don't know of anyplace that has bentos at 3am.....You know really works to your advantage!

Hi Mabel - They used to be next to Subway, and have just moved to the other end of the mall - it's at least twice as large now. Been at least 2-3 years now.


Mmmm, Mitsuwa. We have to drive about 45 minutes to get to the Mitsuwa in Edgewater NJ, but that is not much of a deterrent.

Love your site by the way, I found your site from Reid's site. El Salvadoreno sounds so yummy!

By the way, I'm doing a little food swap over at my site and am still accepting submissions as I'm organizing all of the participant info. If you're interested, you can sign up today or tomorrow.



LOL I knew there was a reason I liked you so much! LOL


*nod* Oh yeah it does work to your advantage! LOL
The funniest happened to a friend of mine. He was on the bus, and two Korean girls were talking about him. How cute he was, and how come he had such beautiful blue eyes, and blond hair (he looked a lot more like his Mom than his Dad but first language was Korean) etc. The girls were really loud thinking no one on the bus could understand them. When he got off he told them "Thank you for all othe compliments, but you really should be more quieter because you don't know who can understand Korean." the girls jaws dropped, and he smiled and left.


Kirk: Oh Man! Nijiya Market! I'm partial to Marukai myself. But then again, you'd have to have a membership for it and I don't usually find myself in Gardena all that often. (I tag along when my mom goes shopping with her membership card!)

Clare: I totally FEEL your driving pains! When I lived in Michigan, the closest *good* Japanese market was a long hour away from me. (Not to mention that the closest Trader Joes was a good hour and a half away from me!) It was such a pain to try to pack the perishables and load up for a couple months' supply of Japanese goodies. And forget it during the winter months! So now that I'm back in LA, I am super happy to have great markets and eateries just 5-10 minutes away!



Thanks for the reminder. I usually go to Mitsuwa but wil check out Nijiya again (haven't been there since they moved).

By the way, did you see the Tony Bourdain show "No Reservations" when he visits the Mitsuwa in New Jersey? He does a good job conveying the surreal experience of entering the market for the first time and being overwhelmed by the sea of brightly colored, unfamiliar snack foods!

Also, why won't you buy raw fish sushi from a market?



Hi Samantha - Thanks for stopping by! Reid has a great site doesn't he? It's due to his encouragement, that this site exists today. I really appreciate your invite, but am tied up for the next few weeks - so could I take a "rain check", please include me next time. And please keep stopping by! BTW, I love how you compose your photo's!

Hi Mills - Those situtations are really funny, so long you're not the one doing the "talking".

Hi Kristy - When we lived in LA Marukai was a regular (4 times a week at least) stop. I still stop by every chance I get - Looks like another Marukai run this weekend, since we'll be in LA. I still have an active membership, though you can purchase a "daily" one for a buck.

Hi Angie - No haven't seen that episode of Bourdain's show yet, though I've seen Vietnam, etc. I'm a little (make that very) picky about my fish. Probably due to the fact that I was born and rasied in Hawaii - it's been kinda bred into me. I'll still drive all the way to LA to get Maguro for Poke. My wife is even worse - she won't eat any Sushi in San Diego! The sushi here is not bad - I think it's one step better than "buffet sushi", but I'd rather save my money. I'll have the kappa, inari, or even a California Roll, but not maguro or hamachi - it's just personal preference.


Hi Angie - BTW that "wall of snacks" at Mitsuwa can really freak you out - total indecision. But if you really want to see a wall of snacks - you should check out Marukai in Gardena - it's downright intimidating!



You know Jo and I will have to set up living quarters in Marukai and I have never been there! LOL


This is why I love reading this blog... so many great ideas for cheap eats in San Diego. I actually had a whole week where all I ate was Korean BBQ Chicken and kim chee. Maybe I'll do a bento theme next week.

By the way, I love Anthony Bourdain's shows and books. I think it's kind of funny for the new show that they have this huge disclaimer about "content that is inappropriate for some viewers". At first I thought it was just the NJ episode where he went to a strip club (the Sopranos Bada-Bing club). But they show it for every episode I've seen. I guess it's just in case Tony lets loose with an F-bomb.


Hi Mills - Best be staying away from Gardena then, you may never leave.

Hey Howie - There's rice in that formula, right? I think the disclaimer is because of how shocking eating little critters and various sundry animal parts may be to certain people....


Hi Kirk,

The bentos here look pretty good and the prices seems quite reasonable. If/when you come back you should definitely try Inari if you haven't been there already. Otherwise, the bento selection at Marukai, Daiei and Shirokiya are all comparable with what you get and at similar or higher prices.


Hi Kirk, thanks for writing up on Nijiya! I have been there before, didn't think it was memorable mainly because Ranch 99 has more stuff at a cheaper price! But I do remember the vegetables being kinda pricey at Nijiya!!


Hi Reid - No never been to Inari - though I've had Daiei, Shirokiya, and Marukai. Marukai in LA has good benot's and they're really cheap too - think $1-2 cheaper than Nijiya.

Hi Annie - I usually buy my Tofu, Miso, and other stuff at Nijiya. You may find that Zion Market is even cheaper than 99 Ranch Market for some stuff.


Hey Kirk, what are Benot's? Is that a French "box meal"? If you buy it at an Asian market, how do you know it's authentic?

(don't get mad at me, Pepper told me to harrass you! ;o)

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