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Sunday, 21 August 2005



Oh everything looks so good. I am so hungry! WOW. now I want Lebanese food. Do you think they deliver? :P


Hi Milly - Remember how they tell you never to eat at a place called "Mom's", well this an exception to the rule.


hmmm... baklava? Did you try some of that? It sure does sound good, particularly the freshly made bread. Speaking of which, it seems to me I promised to make someone some fry bread didn't I?

clare eats

oh that looks good! mmm garlic paste.... mmm chicken mmmmmm felafel


Hi Jo - We did try the baklava on one of our previous visits, let's just say we go to Mama's for the food, ok? And I think you promised somebody on Clare's site the fried bread.

Hi Clare - mmmm, mmmm. mmm-yoso!!! The food here is good!


looks good! i'll have to check out this place sometime -- always wanted to try a good falafel!

the painted interior is kinda funky!!



Ohhhh.. I am marking it as one of the places to go in San Diego!


Hi Annie - This is a real local favorite, though not mainstream, alot of those "pierced & tatto'ed" love this place. It's got good well seasoned interesting food.

Hi Mills - You know, this is just a local hole-in-the-wall, but they do a great job, and you can watch them make your flatbread and put it on the "sajj".


I need to get this place in my "rotation"...I always forget about it. Boy does that look good.


Hey Jack - Yes, it's easy to miss this place since it's on a side street. Unless you really go looking for the place you'll just pass it without noticing.


Ahh... I love Mama's. It's been a while since I've been there. I might swing by there tonight. Your picture of the Chicken Garlic Wrap is forcing me to go.

While we're on the subject of Middle Eastern food, have you tried Alborz on Del Mar Heights Rd? They have great kabobs... very flavorful and juicy, unlike a lot of shops around here. I also love their braised lamb shanks. It's been too long since I've been there too...


Hi Howie - It's the garlic chicken wrap that keeps us coming back - though the Falafel is a close second. I've heard of Alborz, but have never been - I really don't know of very much North of Mira Mesa....hmmmm, need to start exploring!


Hi Kirk,

Delici-yoso is right. I love falafel, and I think those there are the largest that I've seen in a while!

That chicken wrap looks good too!


Hi Reid - The falafel here are very tasty! And the garlic sandwich is what keeps us coming back.


Reid, you've got all the stuff to make some killer homemade falafel! If you need a recipe let me know. It's one of my favs.


Hi Jo - I've heard Falafel is pretty easy to make, though most only use "chickpeas"...and I don't know if I want to eat that many Falafels - but hey, maybe there should be some falafels parties!!!!


Hi Jo - BTW, homemade falafel sounds like a good post for you!!!!!


I like the all garbanzo falafel. I like the fava bean also. I do use canned beans so I can vary at will. The trick is to hand chop rather than process because that gets things TO fine and they don't cook nicely.

As for posting, I'm afraid I'll be scarce around here for a while as we get "organized". I'll be posting a full explanation as soon as possible though.


Hi Jo - I hope everything falls into place!


My wife and I have been going to Mama's for years, and it is one of our favorite spots. They changed ownership last year, but seem to have kept the quality pretty good. Manakeesh ultimate with chicken is hard to beat. The spinach & cheese pies are damned fine as well.

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