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Friday, 12 August 2005



Hey Kirk! Nice review!
Wow.. a full on hawaiian plate in san diego! Those picture look really good. Poi kind of watery like you said. But at least you get one maui onion. :D Was it a maui onion?


Howszit James - Thanks for stopping by. Yes, this is a real rarity here in San Diego, "real" Hawaiian food, no moa' da opihi, 'ama crab, and all the good stuff you get on the Big Island, but this is about as good as it'll get I'm afraid. Da' onion wasn't very sweet so I'm thinking maybe Walla Walla, vidalia? Ha! I'll go grab my Loco Moco now..... :)


Hi Kirk,

Too bad about the Hawaiian plate. Maybe I'll send you some lau lau from Young's. What would you say to that? BTW...want me to send some chili pepper water?


Hi Reid - You know I hope I don't make it sound really bad, because it wasn't. It's just by my standards it wasn't really that "good". Don't go thru too much trouble, okay? Just keep up the great reviews and pictures! Young's lau lau is pretty damn good BTW!


What the heck is lau lau? Is it smoked or some other way preserved?


Hi Jo - Lau Lau is pork(and usually a chunk of pork fat) and salt fish wrapped in Luau leaves (Taro leaves, have to be cooked a long time - think collard greens), wrapped in Ti leaves, and steamed for anywhere from 4-6 hours or more. It has a somewhat rich and distinct taste and aroma. Lomi Lomi Salmon is traditionally salt salmon (though fresh was used here), tomatoes, onions and green onions, salted and finely chopped. In the old days because it was salt salmon, when you mixed with the tomatoes you used a rubbing action - thus the "lomi". Chicken Long Rice, is originally a Chinese Dish basically chicken stock, chicken, ginger, with usually celery and carrots, onions, bean thread, and green onions. All good stuff!


I've had lomi salmon and the chicken long rice. It's all luau food right? The lau lau sounds really yummers!


Hi Jo - Yep, when done right, Lau Lau is awesome!


I love the "coconut wireless"! I guess you are now part of my "network" here in San Diego now. My dog trainer, who happens to be Hawaiian, told me about this place as well. Too far for me, but maybe this fall when a decent south swell hits O-side, I'll travel and check it out. I tend not to order lau lau as I hate to be disappointed with a bad dish...because when it's done right..mmmmm-delici-yoso!


Hey Jack - The lau lau isn't really that bad - mediocre really! And yes, when done right it's wonderful thing!


Update: As of Christmastime, new owners have taken over Kaisen, and it's no longer what it used to be. The new owners are Japanese, and they have done away with Kaisen's Hawaiian dishes in favor of the usual Bento boxes, Volcano rolls, etc. The new food is good - but the island-style menu and atmosphere are gone, as is the Ono-Licious bakery next door. Sad :(


Hi Clark - Thanks for the update! Too bad, I thought the "local-style" vibe was really great! i'll update my posts ASAP. Thanks Again!

Mark Aquino

Hey Gang,

I just started playing Hawaiian music up at Kaisen's on Saturday nights. (6:30 to 9:30)

I play solo there and down at Yokozuna's in Chula Vista every other friday.

I also have a duo called "Kilohana". We do weddings parties, bar/bat mitzvah's, whatevers...

Anyway, the food may not be the same at Kaisen's but the vibe is there in the music.

Live music also on Wed. and Fridays by other musicians.
Me Ke Aloha


Hi Mark - Thanks for info.

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