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Tuesday, 09 August 2005




Reading this before having breakfast is a bad idea! LOL the menchi Katsu, sesame chicken, tempura, miso soup...oh I am HUNGRY! *wimper* I have oatmeal and egg and toast, and thats not going to cutr it! TT_TT ;> The iceberg salad doesnt appeal to me mainly because I usually dislike iceberg lettuce.


Hmmm the crying eyes don't seem to work with an english keyboard. *sigh*

Cutr = cut


::laughing:: Milly the Butcher of Blogville is at it again! At least she has oatmeal! I had toast & a cappucino...

ANYway! That does indeed look OHso Delisi-YoSo! I adore tempura. What exactly would make it "great" tempura? If it's hot and dosen't shoot from your fingers when you pick it up, It's gotta be pretty good in my book. I like the unusual veggies as well. Mills told me the kabocha is a sort of squash. I don't think I've ever had a tempura veggie I didn't like come to think of it. You can keep the oysters! I also like iceberg lettuce salad (I'll eat MillsWorths!) Some nice miso would hit the spot. You could always try to start a food fight with the tsukemono! ;oP


Hi Mills - Do you know that Miso soup is a breakfast staple?

Hi Jo - Yes, a good tempura, is a wonderul thing; come to think of it, a decent tempura is a wonderful thing! :) Also, watercress of all things makes awesome tempura, it ends up a bit on the sweet side, and you'd never guess it was watercress. Kabocha is a squash, that looks like a pumpkin, and is often called Japanese pumpkin. I owe Mills a recipe for Kabocha Ni - which I'll do this weekend.


The fried chicken wings at Ichiro are amazing! Crisp, brittle skin and moist, juicy meat.


Hi Candace - Thanks for visiting and taking the time out to comment. The fried chicken wings, huh? Well, I'll have to have some on my next visit. Thanks for the tip.


I'd forgotten about this place as well. Every so often we use to go here for lunch. I didn't realize they were open so late.


Hey Jack - I don't when you've been here last, but they've done a renovation - added the sushi bar, and revamped the menu(s) somewhat, and most especially changed the hours of operation. It is a good reasonable lunch place, though.


Ya know, I don't think I've ever had watercress. I'm imagining fried parsley or cilantro. Maybe Basil? Worth a try at least.

I've been trying to nail down an "izakaya" style restaurant up here. I found one near here via CitySearch, Silicon Valley. What kind of stuff should be ordered and what kind of price should we expect?


Hi Jo - Never had watercress? Even in a sandwich? More like arugula, it's in the mustard family and most of the time has a pungent and peppery flavor. An Izakaya in truly traditional terms is an drinking establishment that serves "small dishes" - think tapas. So along with your sake, beer, or shochu, you'd purchase, maybe some simmered pork belly (buta kakuni), or some kara-age dishes, maybe tempura (i.e. shishito), grilled (maybe okra, or some kind of yakitori)dishes, or even cold tofu. It can get very expensive - see Sakura: - and we didn't even drink!


Jo - If you click on that "Izakaya menu" picture, it should enlarge, so you can check out some of the dishes.



The one that comes to mind is the one near trader Joe's on homestead. I have no idea of it is good or not. But it has been there a long while.


Hi Mills - Looks like you and Jo have another place to "check out".


You know, we were at TJ's the other day and I told Mike we should try that place. It sounds like something that would be right up Mike's alley. I'm gonna do that with the menu Kirk, thanks!


Hi Jo - Have fun, don't drink too much sochu!


We only tasted a few drops. There wasn't room for more even if we wanted to! It still needs a couple more weeks at least. On the other hand, ::snickers:: the blackberry seeds are white!


Ichiro's is one of the best Japanese Restaurant in the San Diego area. I'm Japanese American and I've had Japanese Food all my life. When I'm in San Diego I've usually go 2 times in the 3 to 4 days I'm in town.

Even my Mother and my Auntie loved this place and they lived in Japan.

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