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Wednesday, 31 August 2005



We women are clever, huh? OK, at least the sammich looked really good, though--for your sake!


Grab 'n Go is one of my favorites. I usually do go for the cheapo $3.99 sandwich since I'm too lazy to wait for them to make a sandwich.

They also have pretty good coffee cake.


haha! Very amusing post. Teaches me to always carry small bills, better yet, none at all.


Hi Pam - Yes, you women are much too clever for me! There's always a new twist on things.

Hi Howie - I've had the $3.99, and don't think it's a cheapie sandwich - I like the jalapenos in the Capocolla alot - so I usually go early and grab a sandwich if I'm around.

Hi Mealcentric - You're right on the button there! But it just means that a new strategy will be developed.


Just went there today and had my usual, the Tunisia...tuna, capers, peppers, olive oil, vinegar...yum. I only wish I could put some really good EV olive oil on the sandwich. That would make it perfect. I've tried to bring it home to do that but it never makes back to the house!


Oh my... ::salavatates:: mortadella... ::sigh:: you can't get mortadella here that tastes half as good as the mortadella.... where, can you guess? yea, SPAIN!! Mortadella and bread, a bit of mahon... Oh my... ::salavatiates::


Hey Jack - You're starting to scare me!!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to run into you one day. I do enjoy the sandwiches from Grab n Go.

Hi Jo - There are alot of things you could say - 'blank' here is not half as good as 'blank' there. Don't you think?


OH yea, absolutely! In Hayward, across the bay from where we are now, they have the "Burrito Wars". In the middle of downtown there are 2 Mexican Restaurants, side by side. EVERYBODY who lives there goes to one, but not the other. People get down right nasty defending their favorite. Ours is "Los Compadres". Ya know, I can't think of the name of the other place for nuthin right now... I wonder if there's a website out there with the story... ::wanders away::


Members of the weaker sex can surely be manipulative, especially to the wallet (not laughing). I wouldn't call what you purchased then "a submarine sandwich" bought yourself a bona fide "poorboy".

clare eats

see we are more alike than you even guessed :P


Hi Jo - Yep those opinion/taste "battles" go on everywhere, don't they!

Hi RONW - Looks like you got it right - this Po' Boy got Torpedoed, by a Sub, and was put through the Grinder...

Hi Clare - LOL! :)


OH ouch Kirk! ::rolls eyes and shakes head laughing:: Love it. Can we come visit the Magic Mic on the way out of CA?


Hi Jo - Sure - you want a few more choruses of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

clare eats

We love you! :P


All right, confession time here... I LOVE that song! So, yea, I could handle a few more verses! I remember my Dad taking me to see that movie and I was in the neighborhood of 10 years old. He and I have been humming some odd version or other of that silly song ever since. Part of the family repitoir. I'd be willing to get that Magic Mic JUST for that song!


Even more than Desperado??? LOL! ;)


::whispers VERY softly:: yes


Oh my....

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