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Tuesday, 02 August 2005



hmmm that might work. Of course you have to experiment to see how much of what to add so the filo dont get soggy.


Just a pinch between your cheek and gums.....

clare eats

I think it will come not this weekend but next!!!!!!


Hi Clare - I look forward to it with great anticipation :)


I can't wait to see what you are going to bake with your new stove. I am so envious that you have a gas range. I would love to have one. Well yesterday my front burner on my range went out and the maintenance guys are supposed to come and fix it. Apparently they have a 72 hr window in which to fix it, so I am stuck for now using the three small burners. *sigh* I am secretly hoping for a new stove. I am hoping for a gas range but I don't think that will happen. I don't even think they will give me a new electric range. Oh well...I WILL SURVIVE! *starts to sing horribly and shakes her Bumity bum bum*

clare eats

soooo excited!


Wait we went from I will survive to "I'm so excited"....hmmm, disco at it's best????

clare eats


there is a conudrum, when you have to deal with something you do, when you know it is about to change you can no longer stand it! or i do that at least!
we are getting a new range too!


LOL I am totally with you Clare. Now that the burner isn't working on the stove I am hoping for a new one! I am thinking I am wishing for too much, but i am going to try. I think they are going to try to fix it first. (wishing it is unfixable...NEW STOVE NEW STOVE *scrunches her face and prays her hardest).

clare eats

or like us it just wasn't cost efficient ;) a VERY good argument he he ehe he


Mills, want me to bring my bow and arrows and make sure it's unfixable?!?! ::grins wickedly::



With my luck they will just take the old stove from an empty apartment and give that to me. *sigh* I want to new stove!!!! *cry* *pout* *stomps feet* Hmmppff!


Hey Mills - just pop a few coconuts in the oven put 425 and leave until ka-boom....or try that new mantra you have - oooommmm new stooooove, oooommmm new stooooove!


Hey, nice blog/article. I'd have to side with Mandarin, just down the street from GC, but they both good. I no longer live in SD but,and I actually miss the wings more than the carne asada fries. Do ya know of anyone who knows the recipe to the wings? an old chinese lady taught me a recipe, it's not dead on, but it's pretty good in it's own right.


Hi Rival - I prefer Royal Mandarin as well. People have been asking for a recipe for years....I'm hoping someone can provide me with one!

japanese lady

their wings are amazing. I love them so much I have to drive all the way from l.a. to get a big party tray to bring home. can stop eating them till every single one of it is gone!


Hi JL - These are addictive aren't they? You can't eat just one.....

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