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Monday, 15 August 2005



Hi Kirk,

I have fond memories of eating Philly cheesesteaks years ago. There is a place that opened up here recently, but I have yet to try it. I guess maybe I feel like I should wait to visit Philly again. It's been too long.

clare eats

ooh they look good, but kinda HUGE!
I had no idea what they were, I will be carefully of their addictive qualities though.... but I would like to ask what is a chicken fried steak?



I have tried to kill this cheesesteak craving for while now, and what do I find when I open your blog this morning? Cheesesteak! AHHHHH...*pulls hair and runs down the street screaming* "Cheesesteaks gotta have a cheesesteak!"



I don't think I've ever had a cheesesteak before...or maybe I had one in the past and it wasn't memorable.

Thanks for the tips though...I'll have to try one in my neck of the woods...there seems to be a few that have gotten a lot of press lately.


Hi Reid - Philly is a bit far for a Cheese Steak run though, isn't it?

Hi Clare - They have an 8" sandwich for your more petite eating sensibilities. I think Chicken Fried Steak and Country Fried steak are one in the same - basically a steak cutlet prepared like fried chicken - first dipped in a milk and egg mixture, than dredged in flour, than fried. I'm sure Jo probably has a better idea.

Hi Milly - "Die Craving, Die!!!" Did that help? No, well maybe you're just going to have to get a cheese steak. Do you have any idea what makes this so "cravable"?

Hi Elmo - It's interesting; I really didn't think much about the sandwich, but a couple of days later something went off in my head and I had to get another. Go figure! I really think you have to eat the sandwich right away, it'll get to be a real soggy mess after a while.


Kirk-I had the same reaction that you did. When I first went here, I thought "this is pretty good, not to die for but good...I might be back here again sometime ". It wasn't at the top of my list of places to return to but good enough to warrant a return. Now, every so often though I get that cheessteak urge and I find myself heading down for a sandwich. I have also been told that the homemade turkey sandwich is pretty good as well.



I have no idea what makes the craving. I mean it isn't life altering, yet all of the sudden the craving hits! It must be the chemical mixture between the melted cheese, beef, and bread. It creates a narcotic effect, thus the addiction? Hmmm there should be scientific study done on this subject! ;P :D


Howszit Jack - Strange isn't it? Is that turkey sandwich the one that has sutffing in it? I thought it was odd, bread in bread, but I love good turkey, so I guess I'll try it - if I can get away from ordering the cheese steak.

Hi Mills - Well makes me feel better. At least I know that I'm not the only one who get's this weird urge. Can you image a post-doc thesis????


It's simple. They put crack in cheesesteaks. Or whatever it is they put in those cuttlefish crackers.

Addictive food is puzzling, isn't it?


Yep, big difference between the two. I'm gonna go do a post on it right now...


Hi Pam - If they put "crack" into the cheese steak - it must be the slow acting kind. I don't get a craving until several days - or weeks later!

Thanks Jo - That would be helpful!


Kirk and Pam,

It must be slow acting, but I still think its a narcotic. I mean you get addicted, and then you indulge, and then you want to sleep, lethargic, hard to concentrate etc... I mean it is all the symptoms of taking opiates, morphine etc...You know you feel no pain afterwards! LOL *WINK*


Now that looks good! I never had a proper philly cheesesteak before... but it does look addicting.



Gee I sound like I know what narcotics do first hand huh...Really I just play one on T.V.


Kirk, have you ever seen the Holly Eat's site? He has some interesting reports on cheesesteaks in Philly. I've never had a cheesesteak in San Diego that satisfys like the real deal from Philly, I think that east coast attitude & the vibe of the Philly shops add a crucial element of the experience that can't be found here. It's like getting a fish taco in Philadelphia, just wrong!


Hey, I'm glad you made it out there. Another friend of mine went there and said she was disappointed and had a dry sandwich. Maybe they need to work on their consistency, but I honestly haven't had a bad sandwich there (and I go there a lot).

I drive past Gaglione Bros probably 3-4 times a week. So that cheesesteak craving hits me about...3-4 times a week.

By the way, I tried the cheesesteaks at Gotham City Pizza, which had been mentioned at Chowhound, and I thought they were just OK. I like the bread they use, but the cheesesteak wasn't gooey enough and, for some reason, it didn't have a big beefy flavor. I still love Gotham's pizza though.


Hi Milly - So you're the local "narcotic" expert are you??? LOL!

Hi James - You know Gaglione Bros go out of their way to state that they're not serving a Philly Cheesesteak - but if not, what are they serving?

Hi Crover - Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and also for the link. It's Pat's that I was taken to - I had a Steak "wit" and cheez wiz on it. And you're sure right about the attitude - it was pretty funny. Boy there's some pressure to order right!

Hi Howie - Thanks for the rec! The last sandwich I had wasn;t that great, but it was partly my fault. How the heck to you order a cheesesteak without cheese!!! I think you oughta' set 'em straight on Chowhound about them cheesesteaks!


Hi Kirk,

Well, you know it is a bit far from here, but I used to only eat cheesesteaks in Philly when I lived in New York. The train ride was only 2 hours each way. =)


Hi Reid - Two hours for a cheesesteak! Man you work hard for your food.

clare eats

wow reid
I will never doubt your dedication again!

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