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Tuesday, 23 August 2005



You know what? I think I've been here. Or maybe every boba place looks the same.

Is this place next to Pho Bolsa? Or a Vietnamese restaurant called something like that?


Hi Elmo - Ha, guess all these Boba places do look the same. This one is on Clairemont Mesa Blvd - next to one of those something-Berto Taco shops.

clare eats

Here a Bahn Mi is on what I would call a vietnamese roll not a baguette and they have a type of mayonaise on them.


Hi Clare - So there are "regional" differences in Banh Mi, I guess....

clare eats

have you had a look here?
The bread rolls we get are pretty much identical to these


Hi Clare - hmmm - it says "The vendor hacks up a kebab and stuffs it inside a banh my (baguette)." Looks like a baguette to me, maybe the one's here are not quite as large - but looks like a baguette??? The first roll here was not a baguette, like I'm used to, but was instead a soft doughy almost french dip style roll.


Of course I don't think that the French would consider this a "baguette de tradition". But from Wikipedia: "Bánh mì (pronounced ba-EEN mee), sometimes also referred to as a "Vietnamese hoagie", is a Vietnamese submarine sandwich made with a French-inspired baguette, small slices of pickled carrots, daikon, onions, cilantro, and choice of barbecued pork, paté, and other meats. The constrasting flavors and textures of the sandwich — as well as its relative low cost — make it a popular dish."


Hi Kirk,

That really does look like a disappointing banh mi. Too bad... I still love the ones at Ba-Le.


Hi Reid - Well, I'll keep eating until I find one. And guess what, I'll just keep on eating after as well! So I guess I'll keep on eating!!! :) There's a place called K Sandwiches opening this week, so I'm anxious to see what's up with that place.


You know what they say about the NFL...."on any given Sunday"....that, one team could defeat another despite their respective reputations and rankings. That's the same with restaurants...."on any given day"....the utility person could be sub-ing for the regular cook, fumble your steak on the floor, then plop the same steak on a plate. Bon apetite', and all that.

In the process, the "special formula" gets deviated from during the musical chairs or the weekly schedule rotation. There's no excuse for the restaurant management to allow this to effect the food, itself, but restaurant dishes have that vulnerability.


Hi RONW - Like your Football analogy. Sometimes I'll give a restaurant another shot, especially if there was a credible recommendation.


so their food isn't good huh? actually i thought they have one of the best bobas i ever had in san diego-- at least from the last few times i went there -- the boba was really fresh! or maybe i'm just comparing this place with the rest of the boba places i tried in san diego which is even more dismal in comparison! oasis lounge is pretty good too -- for boba -- haven't had their boba in awhile though... but the best boba i had in california so far is boba world in westwood. i think it's a chain -- but their boba is nice, sweet and chewy! (chewiness being a sign of freshness if you're not a boba conossieur!)


Hi Annie - Well the second sandwich was pretty good, the chicken had nothing going for it. How was the food at Oasis, I've been curious? I'm not really a Boba drinker and the Missus enjoys Taiwanese Shaved Ice - do you know of a place here in San Diego that makes this? There used to be a stand in 99 Ranch Market, but it's gone - looks like we'll have to go to LA to get some. Perhaps you can do a Best of San Diego Boba for us?


Yeah, I was thinking about doing a blog entry on a boba theme. This weekend is certainly a good time huh with the hot temperatures!!!

I haven't tried the food at Oasis, usually head over to boba places after dinner somewhere else!

Taiwanese shave ice huh? There's a boba place right across of ranch 99 (across the street, not right next to it) -- you'll know it's the right boba place when you get greeted by a little device that says "thank you!" or something like that when you enter the restaurant.


Hi Annie - Sounds good - I'll be looking forward to it! We just got back from LA, the Missus got Taiwanese Shaved Ice, as well as a Taro Shake with Boba ($1.25). I'll post later tonight.


haha I can't get over wikipedia's pronunciation of "banh mi." makes me wonder who told them that it's pronounced like that! but if you have been pronouncing it like "ba-EEN MEE" try saying "bun me." that's probably the closest sounding english words i can think of that sounds like "banh mi."


Hi Christine - Hadn't noticed that! Well that's the thing about Wikipedia, huh? Well you should shoot them an Email and let them know. I think it like bahn (instead of Banh).....


I must say that the Fusion Slush with extra boba is the best boba tea I've ever had. The boba is always very fresh and the atmosphere is really nice. I've never tried the food but I've heard that their fried rice is very good. Anyway, give the Fusion Slush a shot! So good...

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