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Wednesday, 10 August 2005



Hi Kirk,

Shame about the burgers. They would really have to be something special to be better than In-N-Out. Fries look good, but you know why I really like the fries at In-N-Out? It's because they are fresh cut.


I've seen it, I've wanted to try it, but could never get myself to visit this place. Now I don't have to. Thanks for the tip. I am going to have to change the time when I check out your site. I get so hungry early in the morning after reading your posts!


Hi Reid - Yes, the burgers at In N Out are excellent, often imitated, never duplicated. I don't care much for the fries there, even well done, I like them "oil-blanched" for the crispness.

Hey Jack - Well if it's Sunday and you've got a "tribe" the 99 cent price ain't too bad, I'd ask for the fries well done though. I'd never pay full price here, though. Maybe I should not post pictures???? Ha, LOL!


Too bad about the burgers, but now I have a hankering for In and Out Burgers. Yummy...I used to hate hate In and Outs fries, but the one on El Camino seems to serve non soggy fries.


Hi Mills - It really wasn't that bad - we only paid about 6 bucks, and I'd say the burger worth 99 cents. I'd never pay full price here, though.


This part cracks me up!

"I remember standing, and holding the "holy fry" up to the light, and exclaiming, "this is amazing, this fry is perfect".....and was immediately told to "sit down, you're acting like a fool, people are looking at you". I guess this galvanizing moment was not appreciated by all."

Kirk, you are true Chowhound! And I bow to you!


I'm with Elmo, I would have told you to mount the chair so all could behold the "Fry Fantastique". I would have encouraged huzzahs and applause, there would have been glorious uplifting music in the background... But, then, I'm an old fan of Y-Not. An old boyfriend had an apartment around the corner from the original shop. That was centuries ago. I love the pic of the Boyz. Pepper didn't recognize them though...


Hi Emlo - I guess I get carried away some times - not so much that I'd do the delici-yoso dance, but pretty close.

Hi Jo - If I mounted the chair, there would have been a response all right - I'd be spending time in our favorite B&B, with one of those special jackets on! Don't know how "uplifting" that would be! I didn't really care for the burgers at Y-Not (I tried the ostrich - too dry), but those fries were great! I think Pepper's too busy enjoying the "high-life", and we're just a faded memory....:)


hi, i am the owner of ez take out burger it feels preety bad getting slammed by you but all i have to say is you didn`t try our spread without it it`s just a a plain burger anybody can make those!so next time you want to talk smack about my buisness that i work hard to keep running don`t forget the spread!


Hi Brandon - Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Let's be clear on a couple of things; I'm not slamming you, I'm relating my observations on my visit. BTW, I'd been there a few times with the same results - too bad your shake machine was inoperable, because I think your shakes are pretty good, but if you managed to read to the end you’d realize I said that. So let me ask you; do you require that all burgers come with "spread"? I get burgers without "spread" at In-N-Out and Fatburger, and IMHO they taste better, they don't all taste the same. You write about working hard, and obviously take pride in your hard work; but nowhere in your post do you mention the quality of your product, instead you take the strategy of mentioning how it “just a plain burger and anybody can make those”, I think it’s pretty condescending and arrogant to think your customers don’t know better! Your comments make me wonder what would happen if a Customer came in with a complaint; because it seems that instead of looking within, you look to lash out! I’ll make sure that your complaint get’s the attention it deserves, and will email this back to you as well. Regards.


Ah, I remember when I was finishing up my BA at UCSD my friend showed me this place. It was allright, but a bit out of the way for a burger. The Boysenberry shake was pretty good.

Also in the store I remember seeing pictures of other EZ Take Out Burger locations, didn't know the place was a chain. Has anyone here been to one of them?


Hi James - Welcome and thanks for commenting. EZ Takeout has a website:

In case you're interested.


Hey, I had always heard that EZ Take-Out Burgers were always located across the street from In-n-Out Burgers. It was something about EZ being started by a former In-N-Outer who was pissed that they wouldn't add new shake flavors. I know the one in Upland is across the street from an In-n-out and my friend Derek (a man with chronic munchies) swore by it.


Hi Patrick - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. That's a interesting tidbit. The location here in San Diego isn't close to an In-N-Out, but sure looks like it's trying to copy the formula.


EZ take out burger in my opinion is better then In-and-out, and way better then mcdonalds, burger king etc... You just have to try it don't listen to anyone! Nothing is frozen and everything is fresh! They receive a new shipment of supplies every 2 days! How can you compare a 99cent hamburger from ez take out to mcdonalds or burger king? YOU CAN'T! Unless you like microwaved food!


Hi Harry - Huh? I've never had or seen a microwaved burger at In-N-out, nor Fatburger....are you saying they microwave their burgers? Also, I never compared the burgers from EZ Take-out to Mickey D's or Burger King. Infact to quote the post "The burger is better than one of those major chain fast food burgers, but not by much." I believe that I show everyone respect by reading and responding to their posts - please show me some by actually reading the post before commenting!


Hello Kirk,

Not trying to disrespect you or your opinion. But look at your quote closely "The burger is better than one of those major chain fast food burgers, but not by much." - but not by much? - c'mon Kirk you know very well its better then any burger at Mcdonalds and Burger King.

In-and-Out is great!, Fatburger - Never had it - Ez-take-out is great too... and Mcdonalds and Burger King - you wont catch me eating there food.


Hi Harry - I do appreciate your comments and opinions. I think you need to take a closer look at my post! I never mention BK or Mickey D's in it - you are the one that mention them. Seems like you are really attached to EZ Take-Out burgers, I think that's great. But my opinion stands; not much better then fast food burgers. Do you actually think that you can change my mind? Good shakes, though, but the machine always seems to be broken there - so we've stopped going. I'd say the burger is worth 99 cents, but not much more....


Nice to see a review for EZ Take Out--in fact I just found your webpage and am amazed at how comprehensive it is (especially when it comes to the under-appreciated Convoy area). Re: the review, I actually prefer EZ Take Out to In-N-Out. In-N-Out's burgers are good, but I think a bit over-hyped. In my opinion they tend to be way too greasy--it's kind of nasty when the lettuce gets partially cooked from all the grease dripping off the burger. The In-N-Out fry worship also blows my mind--they always tasted stale to me. I like EZ Take Out because the burgers are a little less greasy and ingredients taste fresher--the shakes are great too, and while the fries aren't exactly novel in any way I like them a lot better than In-N-Out. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work!


Hi Ross - You must be in heaven on Wed & Sundays. I still enjoy In-N-Out for burgers, but I really don't like the fries at In-N-Out. Thanks for the kind words.

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