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Thursday, 04 August 2005


clare eats

Wish we could get mexican like that!!


Hi Clare - Just your everyday neighborhood taco shop actually! I've been told that despite San Diego's location to the Mexican border that the variety of Mexican food here is rather limited. So I'll be headed out to Yuma soon, to visit my buddy Ed, who'll hopefully give me a bit of an education, as I really don't know much about Mexican food.


Hi Kirk,

You're lucky to be in SD. You have better and less expensive Mexican food options than we do here. All of this looks so good and tasty.


Hi Reid - Yes, it's very reasonably priced, and very tasty, and I even know people who eat this 3-4 times a week. But I'd still kill for a zip-pac....LOL!

clare eats

vegemite for non aussies is up dude

clare eats

no you don't understand THERE ARE NO LITTLE TACO SHOPS hardly any mexican and most of them are crap!


El Cuervo is the best! This is our fav fast-food mex place and it rarely disappoints. Rolled tacos are always nice and crunchy, carne asada is usually well marinaded. They even have roasted jalapenos at the salsa bar. We've even had them cater a mexican-food themed party for us and it was very good. Best part of the party though...fresh tortillas made by the tortilla ladies from Old Town Mex Cafe!

Reid- I agree w/Kirk, would love a zip-pac. Instead of a zip-pac, we have fast food mex. Different but both hit the spot.

clare eats

what is a zip-pac?


Hi Clare - I'm on my way there now! Clare a zip-pac is a "bento" from Zippy's restaurant in Hawaii - it has one piece fried chicken, one piece teri beef, one piece fish, and one piece spam, over a bed of rice with furikake. A surf pac is two pieces fried chicken, two pieces teri beef, one piece spam over a bed of I'm really hungry!

Hey Jack - For some reason I like their guacamole - I'll usually buy some for pot lucks along with their carrots. Last time I noticed they moved the roasted peppers to the counter.El Cuervo has always been dependable. Fresh tortilla's are wonderful, though Old Town Mex is not on my favroites list, it's fun to take tourists, and their tortilla's are great.



That place sounds really nice eats. It is much cheaper down there than it is up here, but I do have some local favourites myself. I have to say I love chunky guacamole the best with spicey peppers mixed in. SO GOOD...

clare eats

ahhhhhh thanks ;)

I am glad you liked the post!
now you have to back!


Hi Mills - There are literally a taco shop on every block here, so competition is pretty fierce, and picking out the good ones can be tricky.

Hi Clare - sigh...yes, I'll "back it up" as you would say. :)


We really don't like OTMC either. Our neighbor has used two of the ladies on occasion and was our contact to have them make freesh tortillas at the was awesome to have piping hot tortillas with the meal. That could have been a meal in itself!

clare eats

it was your idea in the first place don't forget ;)


Hi Kirk,

Zip packs are so expensive now. I think it's like US$6.95!!!

Hi Clare,

Here's a link to a photo!


Hey Jack - Yes, fresh hand made tortilla's, man I don't need nothing more....funny story about Old Town Mex - once I had their carnita's and it pretty greasy - this from a guy raised on Kalua Pork! Got so queasy eating it, I couldn't finish it, and as I walked back to the car I felt really weird - 15 minutes later a giant zit popped up in the middle of my forehead - now I'm light years past the stage of "breaking out" and haven't had a pimple in ages - except for Mount Carnita's - couldn't touch the stuff after that!

Clare - I know, I know...

Hi Reid - $6.95 isn't too bad when you consider that L&L here costs about $6.99-$7.29 for a plate lunch!


hmm. i usually stick to burritos at every mexican restaurant i go to but the rolled tacos look good!!


Hi Annie - I do enjoy the taquitos at El Cuervo alot. I think it's great to have a "strategy" and favorite dishes when trying out a restaurant.


Chili's Relleno... Don't laugh guys, but this is my all time favorite dish. It's right behind spaghetti.... When I do Mexican that is ALWAYS what I order. Not only that, but in the spring time (don't ask me why, I've never understood it myself) I crave these things like nobody's business!


Jo - And here I thought you don't like chili's?????

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