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Monday, 08 August 2005



Hi Kirk,

I have memories of the fried chicken at Woolworth's too. I used to go to the one at Ala Moana with my grandmother often. The chicken was so good. Years later, when I first started working downtown, I used to visit Woolworth's there, but the food wasn't as good. Sadly, it closed a year later.

The chow funn you mention sounds really interesting. I doubt that I've had anything like what you described because I never visited Maui until well into my 20s. Maybe I should try and make something like that sometime....


Kirk, the mayo and ketchup on rice sounds really intense! :) It sounds like something a European person would put on fries.

This is a great thread. I don't have an official blog, but a couple of my childhood favorites are:

-- Chicken in a Bizkit - It's like a Ritz cracker powdered with bouillon cubes.
-- Lil' Smokies Cocktail Weiners
-- Snoopy Snowcones - snowcones made with this plastic ice shaver in the form of Snoopy's doghouse.
-- Mom's lionshead meatballs and cabbage - this is still great.


Haha! This one is easy and fun! I can probably list 10 items, but I'll follow the rules!


LOL yum...mayo and ketchup...vienna sausages. I have several cotainers of vienna sausages. *sigh* Oh with hot rice and vienna sausages. My Korean grandmother loved then and passed it on to me. LOL


Hi Reid - Yeas, that chicken from Woolworth's was something wasn't it. The chow fun was really good - too bad I don't remember the name of the place.

Hi Howie - Thanks for your listing - but you need one more! :)

Hi Elmo - Somehow I knew you'd have no problem with this one! I could have easily listed a bunch more too.


Hi Mills - Somewhere down the line I lost my taste for Vienna sausages - I really don't care much for them at all anymore, I really don't know why.

Howie more item... How about Pop Rocks? This was one of my favorite candies and I haven't had some in the longest time. As a kid, eating Pop Rocks while drinking soda was my form of living on the edge. It's a miracle I'm still alive...

I just remembered this story about my best friend growing up. He told me that he was mad at one of his neighborhood friends, so he invited him over and prepared him a Ritz cracker surprise. He chewed up some Ritz crackers and then baked them until golden again. His friend ate a bunch of them and said they were delicious. Ewwww!!! I'm not sure why I thought of this.


Hi Howie - The pop rocks of urban legends, huh? As for the "Ritz Surprise", I don't know why you added it here either - ick! That could probably be the subject of it's very own meme! :)


Now that I think about it, the reason why I thought about that story is because of the Pop Rocks. My friend was mad at his friend for stealing his Pop Rocks, so the Ritz surprise was his revenge :)


Waikiki Woolworths was arguable the best of the Woolworths fine dining establishments on the island where to buy fried chicken, of which the fried chicken breast was the largest in size to be found anywhere in Honolulu.

Plus at the Waikiki Woolworths, you had one of the best seats in town to people watch, albeit, the counter itself that you plopped your okole on at the take out food section, next to, but separate from the Woolworths' restaurant itself, was only a whole 6-inches width of formica and the chairs were high stools. But there was a certain kind of ambience along with the utilitarian setup. And, yes, they always put the fried chicken in a foil package.


Hi Howie - ohhhhh-kay! Nice friends you have there!!!!!

RONW - I woulda' picked you, but I know how much you LOVE memes! I'm glad you think that Woolworth's chicken was worth the few lines I had to give it....I do miss it!


How bout mayo and shoyu as a dressing/dip for tofu or salads? My bachan used to make us vienna sausage or bolagna fried in a shoyu sugar mixture with rice.


Hi Kyle - Thanks for stopping by! I've used (and still use) shoyu and mayo as a dip for watercress and ika. We used to call shoyu-sugar, "sato-shoyu", and used it in the same manner, or to dip green mango in. Great memories!!!


You've lived your whole life there haven't you Ron? How amazing to have such memories. Mike is the same. I with I could say that but I've never lived more than 11 years in one space. My dad was born in the same room that his father was born in, and his father before him... now THERE is some family history. I've always envied that "stability".


Hi Jo - I think it works either way, actually. I'm waiting for Mills to do hers, I think it'll be really interesting and fun!


Ooo...mayo and shoyu! Yum! I use it with almost every kind of vegetable. And yes, my grandma used to make Oscar Mayer bologna with onions in a shoyu sugar base over gohan.

My dad's side of family's from the Big Island so I'm not so familiar with all the Oahu references. I personally love Sam Choy's and the Huli Huli chicken made for the local school's fundraisers. ;)


Hi Kristy - Yep shoyu and mayo - good stuff! Sounds like your relatives are on Kona side? Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to comment. Huli Huli chicken is a whole 'nother (delici - yoso) story!


Yup, family's from the Kona side. It's been a few years since I've been though. Need to plan a visit soon!


Hi Kristy - I'm sure I'll read all about your visit! BTW, another thing I enjoyed as a child was Vienna sausage fried with shoyu and sugar!!!!

Lon Luna

I wish someone has the old Woolworth chicken was the best fried chicken in Hawaii.

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