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Sunday, 07 August 2005




The flavour of sujonggwa is similar I guess to Hobbees ice tea but it does not use tea leaves. I would not drink a tall glass of sujonggwa, and most people would think having a half reconstitued persimmon in their ice tea glass a little weird and hard to fish out.


That reminded me, did you get a persimmon in your tea, or was it just the tea and pine nuts? I will have the recipe posted on my blog, I just have a lot of things pop up, and should have it up in about a day or two! Sorry


Hi Mills - No persimmon in my tea (though the Missus woulda' loved that!), just a little glass bowl with the tea and 3 pine nuts. Sounds like you and Jo may be hitting a Korean Restaurant soon - don't forget the camera!




The camera, the camera, my kingdom for a camera!!!!


I thought that was a horse Kirk. =o) You're gonna have to wait until I become a multi-billionaire real baklava estate tycoon!


heyla I have the post up for the sujonggwa. Sorry it took so long. Here let me practice a little HTML, although it might not work here in comments. (DH would be so proud of me ;P LOL) If it didn't work, oh well at least i practiced it! ;P

Sujonggwa, finally she posted it!


Hmmm it didn't work, oh well the website is..


Thanks Mills - I'll check it out. Guess what, we went to Buga again tonight - all the waitresses recognize us...a little embarrassing!



Awesome, you shouldn't be embarassed sometimes that works for your advantage. Like in one restaurant here DH and I are recognized there, and we get 'service" which is something for free.


Hi Mills - I guess it's because I was taught to not draw undue attention to myself while growing up. It still rears it's head once in a while. The food was great again, the Bibim Naengmyun with a little vinegar was awesome, and we actually got filled up on that dish alone, ended taking most of the Jap Chae and the Pajun home with us.


What is Jap Chae? Panjun is just another spelling for ban/pan chan right?


Hi Jo - I think Mills would probably have the correct definitions for you - but the panjun (pah jun) is the pancake, and Jap Chae are the cellophone noodles.


ahHA! I'm begining to retain some of this stuff with Mills help. Thanks! To bad you won't be here tonight. We will be feasting! I have to hurry and get cooking! Pepper will need an extra bath so he will be at his prettiest! ;o)


Jo - Pepper - "pretty", you'll give him a complex! Another "feast at Jo's", huh? I wish I were there!


::staggers in groaning::
::plops down and looks around bleary eyed::
Oh man Kirk. You so missed it! We had Korean celebration food. I can't believe how much food we made and how much we have left! Don't suppose you and Missus want to fly up and help out?!?!? We have some killer panchan! Mills made the cinnamon punch and we had that with a chocolate cake from Fleur de Cocoa for dessert. I think I need some alka seltzer!


Hi Jo - You just need a short respite and will be ready to go in the morning, right???? LOL! I sure do wish we could've been there.


I dunno man. We have plenty of leftovers for certain. I'm not cooking tomorrow. But I am making a particular chicken soup with dumplings stuffed with chicken liver pate. We will be feasting all day tomorrow as well. So, feel free to zoom over! To bad it's so easy to say but so difficult to do.


Well I have just finished making the hot sauce, and I am still recovering from yesterday. I am tired!


I'm gonna have to try this.
Saw this place opened a few weeks back and was wondering about it.

A Korean friend hated it (and he only mildly like Seoul BBQ on Convoy), but a couple of other people enjoyed it.

Thanks, Kirk. I'll go check this out.


Hi Didi - I know people who don't care for Buga - mostly because of the prices - most of them rather eat at Boo Cho, because they do charcoal BBQ, but I've found that the food was not as good since the new owners took over. Many of the Ex-Pat Kama'aina's I know enjoy Seoul BBQ because the Kalbi and Bulgogi tend to be a bit on the sweeter side.

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