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Sunday, 07 August 2005



Hi Kirk,

WOW! That does look good and the prices seem to be on par with what we are charged here in Hawaii for the same types of dishes. I'm glad the waitresses there offer assistance. No such luck here I'm afraid.


Kirk, I tried to picture your friend Ed's Delici-yoso dance and couldn't recreate it w/o laughing. Next time you should include a streaming video! LOL!

All the food looks yummy!

clare eats

That looks great! I love that cold cinnamon tea mmmmmmm


That looks GOOD! I think that it might be time for a little korean food this week.


Hi Reid - Yes, this was a good two meals - and the service was really nice on both nights. It's good to know the prices are pretty much on par - I'd been under the impression that Korean food here was much more expensive than back home.

Hi Pam - It was pretty amazing to watch. Ed's a pretty adventurous eater, and a real cool guy. I hope he doesn't get too angry at my mentioning his "dance".

Hi Clare - Yes that little tea, really cleared the palate. Nice way to end the meal.

Hey Jack - This place is pretty darn good. My advice is to go a little early - they are open from 11 to 11. It gets really crazy when the crowd picks up.


mmmmmm ::sigh:: ::whines:: Miiillllyyyyyy... ::snivel:: when we gonna eat stuff like that! I really want to try the pancake thingie! That looks like totally hecka yummo!


Hi Jo - It was great - especially the kimchee, ha! the Hae Mul Pajun was really good.



That looks awesome, the prices are about the same here as in San Diego. I love the type of kalbi you received. I mean I LOVE IT! I love that cut of Kalbi. *sigh* If I ever come down here you will have to take me! LOL Yes the cinnamon tea you drank is sujongwa (or however the romanization supposed to go) the meal looks so very good, and I am so happy you really enjoyed the food. Hmmm maybe I should do Ed's dance, well maybe. ;P


Yeah we will have to try those foods, or maybe we could try making the pajon. :>


Hi Mills - I'll just settle for the "bumity bum bum" on this one. The food was very good, the service was also great!


BTW Mills - If you and Hubby are ever here (and Jo, et al...) we'll surely hit here and Ba Ren!


great place! i love the cinnamon tea thing and wanted to replicate it at home! i also love how fresh the side dishes were!

buga was crowded on the nights you went?? and you guys had to leave on a third night because it was so crowded?? uh oh... my significant other doesn't like waiting in line for dinners....


Hi Annie - I hate crowds too, it took alot of "encouragement" from the Missus to get me into the parking lot on a Saturday night at 7pm. We even usually eat at 5pm to avoid the crowds if possible. It looks like word is getting out, and I almost felt a sort of reluctance to post this, because service had been so great, but I know that it must be total chaos when busy. Anywho, I'd go before 6pm....

Milly - Do you think you can provide a recipe for "sujongwa", either here or on your site for us???


God! I'm hungry again...and I JUST ate!!! Thanks a lot!!


God! I'm hungry again...and I JUST ate!!! Thanks a lot!!


Eddie - My pleasure!!! Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I love your site!



I will put up the recipe soon. I promise. Just give me some time to get the recipe up. Your wish is my command! LOL ;P :D


Thanks Mills, I'm sure Annie would appreciate it!


hae mool pah jun, baby!

my ATF korean food.

damn, and that one looks damn tasty.



Hey Mills, is the so-soon-jun-kai-woo cinnamon tea anything like the cinnamon tea at Hobee's?

Please excuse the dumb americanization! ;oP

I WANNA GO! I was talking about this post with Mills earlier today Kirk. I didn't realize it was so expensive to eat these things in a restaurant. Maybe that's why we haven't! ::sigh:: How about we go for white soup that should be red? We can afford that stuff right???


Hi Sarah - All Hail Hae Mul Pajun! Ha! It was as good as it looks, more filling than I thought it would be, too.

Hi Jo - Yes, the price is what prevents me from eating this stuff more often, which might be everyday. I'd always thought that Korean food on the Mainland was alot more expensive than what I paid back home, but looks like these prices is about right. I think you need to eat red soup that should be white, actually!!!

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