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Friday, 19 August 2005




Don't you just love places like Ray's Cafe? Too bad this place was nothing like it. *sigh*

The slice of roast doesn't look anything like what you'd get at Ray's. Do you remember the inch thick prime rib for $10? I used to have it for lunch every Friday!


ugh. sounds like cafeteria food! hah! thanks for being our guinea pig and letting us know about this place. uh, to stay away from the place.

sorry i haven't been commenting more -- i can barely keep up with your posts!!!

clare eats

I never get the roast like that! :P :P :P :P :P :P

oh well you can't win them all!

clare eats

oh yeah,
I am looking forward to the vegemite toast post!

I just remembered something else you eat it on! Vita Wheats, they are crispy wheat crackers with holes and when you push them together they make "worms" mmmmm yummy!


Hi Reid - It was actually $9.95 at Ray's - I made a bet with a guy in the office that I could get him prime rib for $9.95, so I got a really good free lunch. But the "Ray's" are few and far between!

Hi Annie - Hey somebody's gotta try it, right! They need a sign out front saying 'Cafeteria', that'll keep us all away!

Hi Clare - You'll get the vegemite this weekend. The Missus has already tried it, I'll include that in the post! LOL! Vita Wheats and "worms" - mmmm sounds delicious, right????


OMG! THEY'VE TURNED PEPPER INTO STEAK! ::feels something warm and furry at her feet:: Oh! ::chuckles bashfully:: please ignore that outburst...

Oh Yummo Clare! Vegemite worms! Way to sell product there girlfriend! ::laughing:: By the by, where is the mixer link?


Hi Jo - Pepper just got tired after making all that gravy!! LOL! Isn't he the best foot warmer? He'll come in real handy during the winter.....I can see it now "Vegemite, it's as good as eating worms...."

clare eats

I will get some vita wheats to show you!!!!

Hmmm, I don't know what mixer yet..... :( I think I want a kenwood chef ;)

clare eats

so did she like/love/loathe it?


Hi Clare - You'll just have to wait and find out - sorry.... how's that for building suspense, eh! ;o)

clare eats

Oh that is sooooo mean Kirk!
Hurry up and post it then! *grin*


Sir....them people are ex-army chefs. R' you insinuating that army kitchen personnel don't know how to properly peel potatoes or are incapable of whipping up gravy powerful enough to smother the taste of boot leather?


Hi Clare - I will ,I will :)

Hi RONW - I don't think them is Army cooks - I think they're the show leather purveyors. BTW the pseudo-Bulgogi was ok, in a teriyaki-ish sort of way...


You are a dedicated man Kirk! I can't say that I would have stopped in this place.


Hey Jack - Nothing brave about it - maybe "sucker" is a more appropriate word! I've pretty much committed myself to trying all the palces that catch my fancy.


::Returns from the Kenwood website slack jawed with shock:: umm.. which of the five?

Army cooks? ::wonders if her leg is getting yanked:: How do you know? ::looks at the photos for some clue::


Hi Jo - I think RONW was having some "flashbacks" or something based on the description of the "roast beef". :)


Hi Kirk,

LOL! Yeah, it was $9.95. I usually round things up or down and was almost tempted to say $9. =P


LOL Reid! - I actually use the $9.95 to impress people - only 9.95 sounds alot less than ten dollars! ;)

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