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Tuesday, 12 July 2005



Hi Kirk,

You are just too kind. Thank you! =)


Kind or Nosey? I thought the title said nosey ::runs up to check it out::



LOL! Yeah that to, but I don't mind cuz he's a braddah!


::laughing:: I just HAD to say something. Couldn't let a opening like that go by! ::wink::


Reid - More like "maha'oi" not "niele"? Thanks for being so generous with your time.
Jo - try and figure out what this means :)


maha'oi - 1.stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
2. disrespectful or arrogant
3. Bold, nervy, in an overly aggresive impudent way. An offensive trait to Hawaiians.

niele - (nee el ay) - 1. to keep asking questions, inquisitive, to quiz

2. Niele is one of those hawaiian words you hear used in pidgin, or peppered into English. If you hear it used on everyday conversation, it normally means nosy.

Does that about cover it?


Jo - Yep, right on the "nose(y)"....


You know - I could have called it Yoso-Niele, but no one would know .....



Well if you did call it Yoso-Niele, I'm sure more people would try to find out about what it meant. I mean how hard is it to find things out? Hmmm maybe I'm just too optimistic? ;P But I like the blogs name just as it is, so now that i have blabbered on about nothing...HAVE A GREAT DAY! ;P



Milly - Well let me think about it...I may change it! Thanks...

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